How To Obtain a Fisher’s Industry Identification (ID) Card In Barbados

Obtain a Fisher’s Industry Identification (ID) Card In Barbados By Online

  1. Take all the documents you’ll be required to show or provide in order to get an Fisher’s Industry Identification (ID) Card.
  2. Complete your registration forms. A link is included under “Documents to Use’ section which you can print the application.
  3. Fill out the registration form and the other documents required with the Fisheries Division under Barbados’ Ministry of Agriculture.
  4. Get your signature and photo be taken.
  5. In the event that there’s no valid reason why it is not appropriate to deny the application to register according to Section 11 12, 19, 25 the supervising officer will be able to approve the registration application. A Fisher’s record will be made along with an Fisher’s Industry Identification Card will be created and issued.

Required Documents For Obtain a Fisher’s Industry Identification (ID) Card 

  • The completed application form is required for registration. (FD13)
  • Barbados Identification Card.
  • Barbados National Insurance & Social Security Registration Card (NIS Card).
  • A valid work permit that is related to the the industry of fishing. (For Non-nationals)
  • A valid certificate is required to participate in the fishing industry.
  • A valid Markets Fisherman’s License. (Processing or vending).
  • A valid Health Certificate. (Fishermen Processing, Vending or Fishermen). (Fishermen, Processing or Vending). Certificate has to be in force for a minimum of a month following the date of the sumbission request for the license.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture
Christ Church
Telephone: 246-434-5000
Contact Form for Email

Fisheries Division
Ministry of Agriculture
Princess Alice Highway Alice Highway
Barbados Map
Telephone: (246) 426-3745 / (246) 426-5973
Fax: (246) 436-9068


The Fisher’s Industry Identification Card is to be issued according to expiry dates on the market fish seller’s Licence or Health Certificate. (Fishermen Processing, Vending or Fishermen)

Special provisions will be made to allow the registration of people working at processing facilities or for those who might be disabled.

Documents to Utilize

Form for Registration of Fishery Workers Formula

The Information You Need

  • Contact information for the applicant
  • Personal information
  • Information about passports (passport number, no. Date of issue and expiration)
  • Details of the Fisheries-related activity

The Document is required

Registration for Fisheries workers is required for anyone working in the field of fishing to be able to use the numerous facilities or services offered from The Fisheries or Markets Divisions.

External Links

Ministry of Agriculture – Barbados


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