How To Obtain a Liquor License In Cook Islands

How To Obtain a Liquor License In Cook Islands

Submission of an application:

  • Collect all the documents you’ll have to submit or present for an alcohol license.
  • Complete the appropriate form(s) for application form(s).
  • Send the completed form(s) together with any other necessary documents with the Liquor Licensing Authority.

Restrictions on your application

  • The general public can submit a written objection to your application to the Liquor Licensing Authority, within 10 days from the initial public notice of your application.
  • If there is an objection to your application The Liquor Licensing Authority will hold an informal public Hearing where both the person submitting as well as objector(s) are asked to attend and give their opinions.
  • The Authority can adjourn to adjourn the Public Hearing to allow for inspection of the premises or to provide additional information that can be sought.
  • If there are no objections have been raised against the request The Authority will examine the application.


The Liquor Licensing Authority meets once each month.

The Liquor Licensing Authority will grant the the license on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s ability to obtain the license
  • dates and times during which you plan to sell alcohol
  • certain areas of the premises where there are any, that you intend to label areas of the premises, if any, that you propose to designate “restricted spaces” as well as “supervised areas”
  • actions you plan to implement to ensure that there is no sale of alcohol to persons who are under age or who are drunk.
  • your suggestions to provide food items and alcohol-free drinks.
  • The proximity of the proposed licensed location to churches, schools as well as other community institutions.

Approval and issue for the license

  • When the application is accepted by the Authority The applicant is informed by letter and an invoice is sent to pay the annual fee for license.
  • The payment must be made immediately to allow the licence to be in effect. In the event of non-payment, it could cause the license to be ended after the deadline for notification.
  • Once the fee for the license The license, conditions and terms are sent to every licensee.

The renewal of your license

  • It is expected that the Liquor Licensing Authority secretary will send you a note reminding that you need to renew your license together with an application form in the final week of February every year.
  • It is only necessary to attach the following documents along with your application to renew your license.
  • A letter of approval issued by the Director Public Health.

A letter of approval by the Police Commissioner. Police

Documents Required Obtain a Liquor License

Formulas you need to fill out in order to apply for the right to use

To get an authorization for the first time:

  • The completed application for an Liquor License (Form LLA-01)
  • A completed Application for an Manager’s Certificate (Form LLA-02)

To renew your license:

  • The completed application for renewal of an Liquor Licence (Form LLA-03)
  • The completed application for the renewal of a Managers ‘ Certificate (Form LLA-04)

To obtain a special license:

  • The completed application for a special Permit (Form LLA-05)
  • The completed application for an Extra Managers Certificate (Form LLA-06)

The documents that are to be sent

To apply for a license your first time

  • Lease or Rental Agreement for the building
  • Letter of Approval issued by the Director of Public Health.
  • A letter of approval from the commissioner of Police
  • Letter of Approval received from the Aronga Mana
  • The letter from the Island Council (for outer islands)
  • Letter of Approval issued by the Development Investment Board (if you are a foreign Investor)
  • Public announcement of your application
    • The applicants are required to fill out advertising forms (Form LLA-07) from the Liquor Licensing Authority which must be handed over to the local newspaper.
    • Candidates must make arrangements to publish the announcement in the local newspaper twice per week for two weeks (total of four times).

To obtain a Managers Certificate:

  • An official confirmation from the examiner, such as The Police or LLA Secretary This document can confirm that you’ve successfully passed the test. This should be completed before you can receive a certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Liquor LicensingLicensing Officer: Ms Harriet Williams
Phone: 28-810
Ministry of Transport Website

How To Obtain a Liquor License In Cook Islands
How To Obtain a Liquor License In Cook Islands

What Are All The Eligibility

Liquor License is granted to a person named such as a company or organization. It is not transferable by one party to the next or from one place to another.


  • All licenses for liquor expire on March 31st every year.
  • You must reapply prior to the expiration date of your current license by filling out the necessary form(s) that you will receive by mail.


  • Liquor Licenses are granted from the Liquor Licensing Authority under the Ministry of Transport.
  • The Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992 specifies the requirements and criteria that for the Liquor Licensing Authority consider when issuing liquor licenses.
  • There are 10 kinds of Liquor Licenses in Cook Islands, these are according to:
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Bar
  • Restaurant and Bar/Restaurant
  • Club
  • Nightclub
  • Retail
  • Guestroom
  • Airport
  • Certificate of Management

Note: The above license authorizes the owner to sell or provide on premises. The liquor cannot be taken off the premises. There are different conditions that apply to every license.

Special License A special licence is required when sales and distribution of alcohol to the public is necessary during an event or sequence of events held at the same venue , such as concerts, fundraisers, as well as temporary bars.

Management’s Certificates

If liquor is offered for sale or distribution to customers in licensed premises, an manager who is certified is required to be present at all time. The manager is accountable for ensuring it is that Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992 as well as the terms and conditions for the permit are adhered to.

Two types of manager certificates:

  • General Manager – allows the holder to oversee any property that has been licensed with a current license (Example is: motel, hotel bar, retail outlet, etc.)
  • Club Manager permits the owner to oversee a club that has been issued an active Club Licence.

To be eligible to receive a certificate of management applicants must be able to pass a written test which covers all aspects of the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992.

Need to have the Document

  • The sale or distribution of liquor in public areas requires a permit as stipulated by the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992.
  • Here are the steps for obtaining an alcohol license in Cook Islands.

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  • Ministry of Transport Website:



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