How to Obtain a Malian Nationality by Marriage In Mali

Obtain a Malian Nationality by Marriage In Mali By Yourself

  1. The application to obtain the status of Malian nationality through marriage is available to any citizen of a foreign country or stateless that has entered into marriage to an Malian or foreign national, whether in Mali or in another country.
  2. The applicant who is eligible should send the application form (list below under the document required Section) to the nearest judge’s office, if it was made in Mali or to Malian consulate or embassies overseas in the event that it is made outside of the country. The offices of judges representing Mali abroad will then forward the documents for Malian Ministry of Justice. Malian Ministry of Justice.
  3. The application will be sent to the judicial/public authority for approval and made by the Minister of Justice within 12 months.
  4. Following the expiration of the one year period as well as in the event of no any opposition from the government The Ministry of Justice will approve the declaration and also sign the declaration’s original copy.
  5. Then, you will be informed about the result of your application via letter or phone by the office of the judge or Malian consulates/ambassies with whom you filed the application , in case the request is denied, no reason will be provided for the reason why they cannot grant the certificate.
  6. Once you have been informed that you have been approved, visit the office of the judge or Malian consulates or embassies with your identity document and ensure that you have calmed the citizenship certificate after paying the entire fee.

Required Documents For Obtain a Malian Nationality by Marriage

  • A stamped and addressed request to the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice
  • A copy in the original form of the wedding certificate
  • A document of nationality of the spouse
  • A true duplicate of the birth certificate for the spouse
  • A document of non-repudiation of Malian nationality
  • Residence certificate.
  • Record of the police and investigation report.
  • A certificate of good conduct and conduct.
  • Certificate of not-conviction.
  • Judicial guarantee.
  • Affidavit that was signed by 2 Malian citizens.
  • Additional documents may be requested to be provided by the judge’s office or the embassy.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice, Keeper of Seals
Address: Cite administrative – Building n deg 12 – 3rd floor Mali
BP 97 Bamako MALI
Telephone: (+223) 2001511/20236898/20226756
Website: Link

How to Obtain a Malian Nationality by Marriage In Mali
How to Obtain a Malian Nationality by Marriage In Mali


  • Anyone with a foreign national national or stateless who has entered into a marriage with Malian. Malian but not able to withdraw their status as a Malian before the marriage.
  • A foreigner who marries a Malian woman can be eligible for Malian citizenship within three years following the wedding.
  • You can reside in Mali for the duration of two years for an international married to the Malian woman.


FCFA 100 stamp


The certificate is valid for life and must be stored safely since there is no duplicate issued in the event of loss.

Processing Time

Processing time is one year following confirmation of registration to Minister of Justice. Ministry of Justice


Important notes

  • Within one year of making an official declaration government can, by decree, block the admission to citizenship through marriage. If the marriage was performed in Mali the time frame that was mentioned earlier will be set at the time of the ceremony of the wedding. If it was performed outside of Mali the time limit will be established at the time of the transcription of the act in the civil status registers. In the event of an opposition by government, then the individual who is in question will be considered not to have obtained Malian nationality.
  • Anyone who has obtained citizenship through registration can be denied citizenship if the registration obtained through fraudulent means, untrue representation, or hiding any important information.

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Address for residence in Mali and elsewhere
  • Birth date/place of birth
  • The country of the wedding and where it was held
  • Date of wedding
  • Spouse’s full name
  • The nationality of the spouse
  • A declaration from the applicant

The Document is required

  • Citizenship refers to the status of someone who is recognized under the law or custom of a sovereign nation as an official member. Each nation is entitled to decide on the conditions under the circumstances it will accept people as citizens, as well as the conditions that will determine when this status can be removed.
  • According to Article 23 of the Persons and Family Code, the spouse of a foreign Mali citizen can be recognized as an official citizen of Mali provided that he/she is able to meet the requirements stipulated under the Mali citizenship law.

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