How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Gabon

How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Gabon

  • The first step for getting a marriage certificate in Gabon is to submit the Notice of Marriage with the office of the registrar general. This can be done after waiting at least 21 days.
  • After the expiration of the 21-day waiting period the couple signs an affidavit according to subsection 11(1) of the Marriage Act. The affidavit is then commissioned by the Registrar. The Registrar then prepares the marriage Certificate.
  • The couple then pays to obtain a marriage license, and also set the date for getting married. The wedding ceremony must take place within three months of receiving this 21-day wedding notice.
  • A couple book the date of their wedding (either on a Tuesday either Wednesday, Friday, or on a Saturday or on Sunday) and if there is no objections are raised, they begin the process of getting married.
  • They go on to the office of the registrar where they choose the marriage certificate before two witnesses.
  • If the couple has an underlying reason that prohibits the waiting period of the 21-day period, they must notify the registrar of marriage , who will then determine if the time can be extended with additional charges.
  • The wedding couple will be required to pay a cost when the wedding is set to take place in the registrar’s office. If the marriage doesn’t take place at the office of the registrar, then church fees must be paid.

Documents Required Marriage Certificate

  • Passports or ID cards that are valid.
  • Death Certificate if Widowed
  • Divorce Decree in case of divorce

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Social Affairs, Family & Solidarity

Bote Postale 5684,


Phone: +241 (1) 761-700

What Are All The Eligibility

People who want to get an official mariage certificate for Gabon must be 18 years old or older and not be in a previous marriage although this isn’t as rigid in general.


To obtain the notice of intention wedding form, you must pay in CAF of $1,000.

For the specific License procedure it is required to have a CAF of 2,000.


The marriage certificate is valid up to the date of either spouse’s passing away or in the instance of a divorce absolute.

Processing Time

30 working days


  • A marriage certificate is issued If the couple has arranged to marry and there’s an unrestricted objection for the wedding.
  • Each party have to be 18 or more years old age. They also must be in contact with the marriage registrar to confirm and legally certify their union.
  • Parties need to sign the formal notice of intent which lasts for 21 days, but may apply for a special license that extends the 21-day period, however it will incur additional fees. A registrar for marriages holds the power to grant or refuse an application for a special licence.
  • If the wedding will be held in a church, the wedding notice is issued in the office of the registrar and the church issues the certificate on behalf the registrar for marriages.

The Information You Need

  • The full names of both the parties
  • Dates of birth
  • Identity proof that is valid
  • Citizenship
  • Address
  • The proof of the loss of spouse in case widowed.
  • Documentation of divorce in the event of divorce.

The Document is required Marriage Certificate

  • The marriage is a legally accepted and accepted union of two people. Legally speaking it’s an agreement that grants couples rights to each other’s financials and property.
  • A couple is responsible and accountable for each other’s actions. Each country has its own laws for the registration of marriages as this certificate serves as a document that proves a marriage. This is essential as many couples prefer traditional marriages instead of civil ceremonies. This makes it more important to legalizing marriages in the court of law or by licensed legal professionals.
  • A marriage certificate is crucial for legalizing wedding in Gabon. The rules for the registration of marriages in the country are contained by the Marriage Act.
  • Families in Gabon are typically huge. Women are able to have an average of five children. Since the government wants to increase the number of people living in the country and increase, it is not legal for the majority of Gabonese women to purchase birth control devices.
  • Polygamythe presence of more than one spouse is legally permitted in Gabon. However couples must legally binding marriage contracts and be registered as “polygamous” (with at least one partner) (with more than one spouse) or “monogamous” (with just 1 spouse).
  • Property rights of women are hard to secure without a valid marriage certificate, however it is not uncommon to find couples that don’t have this. It is interesting to note that the French word that means “woman” can also be used to refer to “wife.” Ma femme is how couples identify their wives. It could be a legal marriage and her engagement for a guy is generally understood to mean she usually has children and considers his family as his in-laws.

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How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Gabon
How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Gabon



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