How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Germany

How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Germany

  • The couple submits the required documents needed to marry to the registry.
  • The registrar confirms that the documents are in compliance with the law.
  • The wedding is officiated by the registrar.
  • The registrar will ensure that the couple fills in the required forms and then they deliver them to the office of the registrar.
  • The couple who are getting married will be issued with the marriage certificate.
  • The request for an official certificate must be submitted via written form (in German) with a letter addressed to the “Standesamt” of the area (Village, Township, and City) where you were married.
  • Input the proper names and dates, the reason for the request, and the proof of your relationship with the individual(s) and evidence for your identification.
  • Don’t forget to mention your address as well as your name.
  • The fee information will be sent to you along with the certificate.

Documents Required Marriage Certificate

  • If you were married in a different country, the marriage certificate you received will be accepted by your German registry office.
  • Identification document (e.g. passport ID card)
  • Letter of application to the German registrars office asking for the office’s approval to grant the document.
  • Reason(s) for the certificate.
  • Evidence of the relationship with the person(s) named on the certificate of marriage.
  • Translations that are authenticated.

Office Locations and Contacts

Bavaria:Hauptstandesamt Mnchen
Ruppertstrasse 11
80337 Mnchen

Southwest Germany:
Standesamt Baden-Baden
Augustaplatz 1
76530 Baden-Baden

North Germany:
Hauptstandesamt Hamburg
Borgfelder Str. 64
20537 Hamburg

Standesamt I Berlin
Schnstedtstr. 5
1335 Berlin

What Are All The Eligibility

If a marriage was legally registered, it is necessary to have a registrar present or a marriage certificate from a foreign country are recognized by the office of registrars in Germany.
As the records are accessible to anyone who wants the marriage certificate, provided that the applicant has an adequate reason for the request. the document.


You should check with the local registrar’s office because this fee is different depending on a variety of circumstances.


  • The certificate is valid until either or both of the applicants are dead.
  • It may also be declared invalid when there is legal separation or divorce.

Documents to Utilize

German marriage certificate form.
International Marriage Certificate Sample.

How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Germany
How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Germany

Examples of Documents

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  • Applications should be made to the office of the registrar where each of the parties has their place of residence.
  • If neither person reside in Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, the central registrar’s offices must be contactable.
  • The process for obtaining the certificate starts once you begin planning your wedding. After you’ve met all of the necessary requirements, you and your spouse are required to attend the registrar’s office to get married. After that, the registrar will issue the newlyweds with an official marriage certificate.
  • The request for the certificate must be made via written form (in German) with a letter addressed to the “Standesamt” of the location (Village, Township, and City) in which you were married.

Requirements Information

  • The name and the address for the registrar’s office.
  • The name of the spouse.
  • Date and location of wedding.
  • Address for mailing.
  • Witness names.

The Document is required Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate a legally recorded documents issued by an government authority which proves that the couple named on the wedding certificate has an official marriage.
In Germany the marriage can only be signed prior to the registry. If you are married and registered, you will be issued another document from the registry office which is The marriage certificate. It is proof that two persons were legally married.

Information that could be helpful

We suggest that all documents you submit be translated into the German language, and that the translation is done by an authorized German translator. The documents that are translated must not be more than 3 months.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It proves union between two individuals is acknowledged by the Federal Republic of Germany. If the need arises the document may be presented or requested to prove that the marriage is valid i.e. either spouse could be asked to provide it to show that they are still married to the other in the context of the incident.

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License requirements for marriages are often subject to alter. This information is provided meant for information solely and shouldn’t be taken as legal counsel. The office of the registrar will provide the essential details. The office of the registrar will determine which personal documents are required.




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