How To Obtain a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Gabon

How To Obtain a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Gabon

1.A person who wishes to obtain insurance in Gabon, starts by finding the best insurance adviser or broker (a list of these can be viewed at a

How To Obtain a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Gabon
How To Obtain a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Gabon

 ) or by finding a the most convenient insurance companies in the country (a list of theses can be viewed at;

2.When you have identified the broker or firm is identified, person applying must find out about the motor insurance policies that are available and then go through the information of the policies to select the most suitable motor insurance policy that best suits his requirements.

3.When the insurance plan is picked then the person applying must determine the criteria to obtain the selected insurance policy.

4.Prepare all the necessary documents and then submit them to the insurance company or broker for the insurance policy.

5.When documents are accepted The insurance company will issue the insurance policy , and as proof, issues an insurance certificate.

Documents that are required Motor Vehicle Insurance

1.Identification documents required by an applicant (owner of the vehicle);

2.Log book

3.Payment slips;

Office Locations and Contacts

Gabonese Reinsurance Commercial Society (La Socit Commerciale Gabonaise de Rassurance SCG-RE)

1er tage immeuble LES ARCADES Centre-Ville,

BP 6757 Libreville

Telephone Number. : (241) 01 72 13 55 / 01 72 16 65

Fax: (241) 01 72 16 51


What Are All The Eligibility

All drivers who own motor vehicles are eligible to get motor insurance coverage for their automobiles;


Variables that are valid based on the insurance company’s name;

Processing Time

Processing is instantaneous


1.Ensure that the insurance broker or firm is authorized and registered to work in the countrywhere it is located;

2.Choose one that covers all liability that you require to insure the vehicle.

3.Thorough be prepared and fully comprehend the terms of an insurance policy

4.Applicants are advised to be truthful and precise when applying for insurance policies;

5.Be aware of of fraud

6.Be aware of the circumstances in which vehicles are not be protected in the event of any liability;

7.Applicants should be aware that insurance companies cannot guarantee the liability that occurs when the vehicle is being used for any other purpose than the ones that it is insured for or if the vehicle is used in an unsafe conditions;

Requirements Information

1.Particulars of the ownership of the applicant’s vehicle (Name and Address);

2.Description of the vehicle to be covered

3.Vehicle Registration number for the vehicle

4.Chassis as well as the engineer’s number on the vehicle

5.Purpose of the vehicle to the purpose of being insured

6.Any other other purpose for which the vehicle is engaged in apart from the class of insurance;

The Document is required Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy is an insurance policy that is comprehensive and typically covers both the motor vehicle as well as any legal responsibility. The most popular automobile insurance plan is third insurance for third parties. In Gabon the insurance industry is governed and created by the government via the agency it has established, The Gabonese Reinsurance Commercial Society (La Socit Commerciale Gabonaise de Reassurance SCG-RE) and insurance policies are purchased from licensed insurance companies within the country. Societes Non Vie

Other uses for the document/certificate

Insurance helps pay for the cost of injuries and damages resulting from the liability of an insured vehicle.

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