How to Obtain a Permit to Establish Constituent College Affiliated to a Private University In Uganda

Obtain a Permit to Establish Constituent College Affiliated to a Private University In Uganda By Yourself

  1. In order to obtain a permit start a constituent college which is associated with a private university the applicant has to submit a formal application for approval to National Council for higher Education
    • The application must include an agreement of understanding between the institutions that are planning to sign an affiliation agreement and be in the format prescribed.Visit their website by clicking the following link
    • The Act stipulates it is possible for a private University can, subject to having the approval prior to the National Council for Higher Educationbe granted the approval of the National Council for Higher Education
    • Set up any institution or college in the status of an Constituent University College.
    • Create the institution as a private Tertiary Institution as a constituent college of the University.
    • Set up a campus or branch within the University in any region of Uganda.
  2. This can be accomplished by going to offices of the National Council for Higher Educational and getting an Application Form to create the college as a constituent.
  3. Select the application form to create an independent college, and in along with any additional information which you or the National Council may in each instance require, you must attach the necessary documents, as specified in the section of procedure of required documents.
  4. A request for the establishment of an institution of higher learning must be submitted on a prescribed Form and must be supported by the prescribed cost of 2,000,000.
  5. You must pay the applicable application fee above, and submit the receipt of payment along with your application form.
  6. The National council for Higher Education Board after receiving the application form must examine the application. If it is found to be satisfactory to the National Council as to the advancement of the college and is in compliance with the pre-determined standard of the institution and standards, the National Council shall appoint an Inspection Committee to inquire into the social, academic and administrative aspects of the proposed college.
  7. After examining an inspection report by the Inspection Committee and other relevant issues after consideration of the report, after examining the report of the Inspection Committee, the National Council is satisfied as to the standing of the college’s constituent and recommends for the institution that the college be accredited.
  8. If, after the review of the report of the Inspection Committee and any other relevant issue in the report, it is determined that the National Council is not satisfied with its findings, they will notify the National Council shall inform the University about the gaps in its expectations and provide reasons not to recommend the college that is a constituent.
    • The Act also stipulates an Inspection Committee that Inspection Committee shall submit to the National Council a report on the college’s constituent within six months from the time of the appointment.
  9. The National council within a period of three months from date of the recommendations , shall submit the application along with its recommendation to Minister. The Minister, after obtaining the consent of the university, will create a constituent institution in the form provided by the applicant along with the application to the appropriate University and, as when it is feasible and by legal notice, publish the name of the college within the Gazette and other print media that are accessible to the public.

Required Documents For Obtain a Permit to Establish Constituent College Affiliated to a Private University

  1. The name and address of the proposed college and the proposed physical address;
  2. the names or the names of the promoters of the college ;
  3. Vision, Mission, the objectives and the philosophy that the college’s constituent colleges are to be created;
  4. The proposed structure of governance for the college’s constituents;
  5. the proposed human resources which will be needed for the operation of the college.
  6. The source expected to provide financial resources
  7. The timetable outlines the steps that are proposed to be followed towards realisation of the goals of the college’s constituent.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Ugandan National Council of Higher Education(UNCHE)
Lot M834, Kigobe Road – Kyambogo
P.O.Box 76 Kyambogo – Kampala
Tel: +256393262140/1
Fax: 256 312 262 145
Site Link


  • Any private institution that has the approval from the National Council for Higher Education planning to join or propose to create and run a constituent college in Uganda is permitted to apply for this permit.


  • The application for permits costs ush. 100,000
  • The license fee needed for the establishment of an institution of higher learning is Ush. 2,000,000.


  • The validity period needed to start an institution of higher learning is 2 years

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time is six months to one year.


  • The applicant must be a private institution affiliated with a reputable private university, which is an affiliated college within the university as defined by the Act.

Requirements Information

  1. Full name
  2. Identification number
  3. Contact number and address
  4. Business Plan details
  5. Occupation
  6. Citizenship
  7. Audited annual financial statements for audit or audited financial forecasts
  8. The name that will be used for the proposed college ,
  9. the place,
  10. Vision and mission
  11. the character of the proposed college constituent and
  12. the proposed focus area in the existing Ugandan the University system.

Documentation is needed

  1. The permit indicates that the college is the necessary qualifications to provide quality higher education that is recognized by the affiliated private institution.
  2. The permit guarantees the that the quality of the college’s constituent colleges conform to the requirements established by affiliated privately owned University and to ensure that it has earned a reputation that is recognized globally.

Information that can be useful

  • All students who continue to study at an institution declared one of the constituent colleges within an University must transfer to the college of the constituent for their studies with no additional assurance. Any subsequent admission of students, and the course of study at the college will be in line to the procedures and standards established in the University.
  • Any other issue that concerns colleges of the constituents which isn’t covered under the Act general regulations issued by the National Council in that behalf are applicable along with any laws adopted by the pertinent University regarding their constituent college.

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