How to Obtain a permit to Operate a Petroleum Drill Rig In Uganda

Obtain a permit to Operate a Petroleum Drill Rig In Uganda By Online

One step

  • The next step is to submit an application on the head paper of your business for the petroleum resource minister, requesting to run a petroleum drill lease or rig. This will demonstrate that you have necessary technical and professional experience, and financial resources that can be used to run an oil drilling rig. go to their website by clicking the following link

Second step

  • Then take the original application along with the ID of the person paying to the closest bank to make payment for the Application form.

Third Step

  • Afterthat, attach all the required documents, including (company certificates of registration Profile of the directors Bank declaration, partnership firms or organizations in exploration, evidence of previous experience in technical work on a petroleum drilling rig and location of the business, telephone contact, email address, or the website of the company as well as the mission and goals of the business and proof of the payment for registration etc.Take your applications to department the ministry of petroleum resources of Energy and Mineral Development to be processed further.

Step Four

  • Fill out the application form and submit it to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral development department for oil exploration and exploration, along with the Original copies of the business information, the details of your referee (a valid license for the company, an insurance certificate evidence of ownership of the Business , and a the certificate of competence) to verify. The details and information of your organization will be added to the database.

Phase Five

  • After successfully capturing your information into the database, a temporary slip is sent to you to prove of having received your application it is usually contingent on the completeness of your application.Then you will have to wait for your acceptance or rejection based what the Board.
  • If the Minister responsible for Energy and Mineral Development is satisfied with the applicant’s report and work submitted by the licensee will direct the person in charge to approve the permit . Then, the Authority authorizes by writing the Department responsible for Petroleum Resource to grant a license to the applicant in order to operate a petroleum drilling rig. Once the License is approved, the applicant will be notified via SMS or email or phone call advising that he/she can pick up the license from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral development.

Note 1.

  • Minister for Energy and Mineral Development is responsible for the creation of regulations for things pertaining to Petroleum Drill rig (PDR) and oil mining leases (OMLs),including issues pertaining to the safety of working, investigations into accidents, and an effort to reduce pollution to waters and the environmentand the atmosphere.
  • The permit for the petroleum drill rigs is granted by the Minister, who is based on the recommendations by the directors general from the Department Petroleum Resource and in conformity with the guidelines, impose certain conditions and terms that must be adhered to for petroleum drill rigs:

The minister will consider the following factors to make the decision to issue the license

  • Participation by the government in the business that the lease or license is related and on terms to be discussed by the Minister with the person applying for the lease or license as well as the exploitation for any gas that is discovered.
  • If the applicant’s conduct is in breach of the terms of the Act in any lease or license that the Act applies, including the specific terms and conditions set forth within the Act then the license could be cancelled.

Note 11

  • The title to land does not grant title to the petroleum resources that are located in the subsoil. The total control and ownership of petroleum resources is vested in Uganda’s Government of Uganda.
  • The permit to operate a petroleum drill rig is not applicable to any company from India that operates in the upstream industry with a production volume not less or equal to the equivalent of fifty thousand barrels of natural gas or crude oil equivalent.
  • Each step required to process the license should be completed until the final. First, be aware that a drilling for petroleum is only valid with the approval from the minister of Energy and Mineral development and applicants who meet the following requirements:
  • Has a good reputation, is part of a company group that have a good reputation or owned by a corporation or businesses with a good reputation.
  • Have the technical expertise and experience, and has the funds to be able to successfully perform under the lease or license.
  • The renewal must be made at least 3 months in advance of the expiration date on the licence.

Required Documents For Obtain a permit to Operate a Petroleum Drill Rig

  • An Application Form that is completed is required to obtain a the permit for petroleum drilling rigs.
  • A duplicate of the Certificate of Incorporation for proving the legitimacy of the company.
  • A verified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the business
  • A certified true copy of the Form E.for complete the application.
  • A bank Draft drawn to the benefit of Uganda Government. Uganda Government.
  • A copy of the Bank Draft is required to be included to the application form
  • A copy of current Declaration of Tax Clearance.
  • A VAT Certificate issued by URA is required to be attached to the application form.
  • A Company Profile describing the short background of the company.
  • A complete list of staff and a Curriculum Vitae of the most important staff members needed to manage and run the business.
  • A list of equipment available to the company in order to demonstrate that it is able to run the company.
  • DRP Endorsed Request for Expatry Quota
  • The Training Programme for Ugandan staff to maintain the human resources
  • Professional bodies that are registered that are responsible for oil in Uganda
  • A copy of the technical agreement of MOU signed with Ugandan business/DPR Accredited lab.
  • Current Workmen’s compensation policy is necessary for the preparation of this License
  • Community Affairs, Health, Safety Security and Environment, from NEMA and other organizations
  • Current Medical and Retainers’-hip contract with the hospital or clinic
  • The company ID of the employees who handle the company must be submitted to the form for application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
Phone: +256 414 320714
Physical address: Plot 21-29 Johnston Road
The address for the postal envelope is P.O. Box 9, Entebbe, Uganda
Email Address:,
Website: link


  • All other parties and companies that wish to drill for oil in Uganda.
  • Any company that meets the requirements and conditions as prescribed at any time by pertinent Institutions can apply to be granted or awarded of a lease or contract depending on the situation be, for the petroleum drilling or production of crude oil for the Management of Petroleum Resources


The license fee to operate the petroleum drilling rig is 20000 US dollars.


Valid for 2 years.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time required to process a Petroleum Drill Permit is 2 months.


  • All applicants to Petroleum drilling rigs have to register with the Ministry of energy and Mineral Development and be familiar with the regulations applicable to drilling for petroleum in Uganda.

The Information You Need

  • Name, address, and nationality of applicant. (If corporation, give the corporate name, the registered office address and date the incorporation took place).
  • Tax Identification Number/VAT Registration Certificate.
  • The status of ownership for a corporation (sole proprietorship partnership, partnership, unincorporated business an incorporated private/public business associative or co-operative)
  • When the corporate body is formed outside of Uganda the proof of establishment of its business in Uganda and registration as a foreign corporation as per.
  • The proposed location for the project (District county, parish, sub village, parish and county)
  • Dimensions of Plot (in Hectares) on the property where the facility will be built.
  • Date for the start of construction.
  • Estimated date of completion for the project.
  • Name, address and qualifications of the potential principle contractors and supervisors to be employed for the project or company to undertake the construction/modification.
  • A proof of or commitment to insurance coverage to guard against third-party liability and other construction liability.
  • A description of the plan as well as the amount of investment capital which is backed by the Bank Reference Letter.
  • Description of safety plans Equipment and strategies to protect of health and safety in the workplace and safety in the workplace, as well as the environmental in the course of regular construction work and contingency plans in case of accidents, natural disasters and emergency situations.
  • Additional information pertinent to this application

The Document is required

  • For anyone who wants to drill for petroleum in Uganda is able to apply for an exclusive license to conduct petroleum drilling. This is to ensure the safety of people and to regulate the drilling of petroleum in the area The Ministry of Energy and mineral development has stipulated that anyone who wants to drill for petroleum should apply for an authorization.

Information that could be helpful

  • The Act stipulates that a licensee is not allowed to operate a drilling machine without the valid authorization granted by the Authority in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in regulations issued by Authority. The process for applying for an operating permit for the drilling rig is specified in regulations

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