How To Obtain a Personalized License Plate In Andorra

How To Obtain a Personalized License Plate In Andorra

  1. Fill out an application form to submit an application for the procedure.
  2. Be sure to pay all fees that apply.

Office Locations and Contacts

Government of AndorraC. Prat de la creu, 62-64
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Switchboard: +376 875 700
Atenci ciutadana: 150

How To Obtain a Personalized License Plate In Andorra
How To Obtain a Personalized License Plate In Andorra

What Are All The Eligibility

The application to get personal license plates has to satisfy the following conditions:

  • only combinations consisting of numbers or letters with no mixing, and only in the order that is approved will be accepted.
  • The letters must be the letters should be Catalan the letters should be in capital letters, and without accents.
  • The numbers should be in Arabic between 0 and 9.
  • registrations must contain at least two characters . The maximum is five characters. Registrations with 5 characters must consist of two letters. They must not contain combinations of letters “MT”, “CD”, “CMD”, “A”, “CC” followed by numbers or the word “TEST.”
  • The combinations aren’t reserved or already assigned.
  • Not Accepted:
    • Combinations that make it difficult to distinguish between figures and letters.
    • combinations that include the words “AND” as well as other initials that could be related to the state as well as the public authority of any Andorran government authority.
  • combinations that may be matched to the numbers of registrations that are common to all registrations.
  • combination that was previously reserved or assigned.

Note Please note that the Licensing Authority will not approve any combination that is deemed to be contrary to the morals, law and public order. Combinations that are similar to a trademark that is registered in Andorra is also rejected in the event that the reservation request is submitted through or with the permission of the trademark owner in Andorra.

Documents to Utilize

Demand for Personal Plate (PDF) Plate (PDF)

The Information You Need

  • The personal information of the applicant is includes: Name, contact numbers and email address
  • Combination being requested
  • Information about the vehicle model and chassis number, as well as expected day of delivery (in the case of purchasing new car)
  • The bank’s details are required for the purpose of collecting the cost of holding an annual personalized license plate.

External Links

  • The government of Andorra:


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