How To Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Andorra

How To Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Andorra

Import Pets into Andorra

  1. Get advice on import permits prior to the proposed date of shipping as there are instances where extensive research must be conducted to determine the risks that could be associated with the entry of an animal.
  2. If the animal is from a nation outside of that of the European Union, they are required to carry a valid health certificate and undergo an inspection by customs before they can enter into the European Union territory.
  3. Contact information listed below to contact department of agriculture. Department of Agriculture.
  4. Fill out and submit an Import Permit form.
  5. You might also be required to provide the proof of vaccination, the reports from your vet, and other documentation. Be sure to contact the Department for more information.

If you are outside Andorra

You can use the hyperlink listed in the section “Office Locations & Contacts” to reach the nearest embassy in Andorra located in the place in which you are currently living in. The embassy might be able to assist you with your application to get an animal passport or permits to import your dog.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Agriculture of the Government of AndorraTelephone number +376-875 703.

Embassy of Andorra

How To Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Andorra
How To Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Andorra

What Are All The Eligibility

Pet owners of cats, dogs and ferrets who wish to enter Andorra need to apply for an application for a Pet Passport.

Documentation is needed

All pets (dogs ferrets, ferrets or cats) who enter Andorra must be identified by an RFID chip, vaccinated, especially against rabies and possess an Pet Passport.

If you’re travelling with more than five animals In addition to the requirements mentioned above you’ll also have to obtain a health certificate for TRACES.

This guideline provides information on how to take your pet dog or cats Andorra and how to apply for the Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet).

Information that can be useful

Wild Animals

For travel in Andorra in the presence of wild animals or even portions of wild animals, you will require a permit for the importation through the Natural Heritage Department of the government of Andorra.

Based on the species of animal it is required to include specific, detailed documentation in accordance with Regulation regarding the transportation conditions for customs and regulations for the import and export from wild animals.

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Government of Andorra – Website

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