How to Obtain a Pharmacist Licence In Israel

Obtain a Pharmacist Licence In Israel By Online

To apply for a pharmacist Licence in Israel applicants need to contact medical professions licensing department. Here are the details to the process that can be helpful. Graduates of an Israeli university

  • Students who graduate from an Israeli university are not required to submit any documentation with them to Medical Professions Licensing Department.
  • Schools of Pharmacy in Israel provides the necessary details about them straight to Ministry of Health.
  • Once the data is received after receiving the information, students will be issued an account number and user name through the Ministry of Health, with the help of which they’ll be able access the health professions portal.
  • In the portal , you can find the declaration form that must be printed completed, signed, and then attached. The passport’s photo must be taken and attached to the declaration form.
  • Following the interning, exam cost must be paid and the pay slip must be scanned and uploaded into the portal.

Graduates from an international university

  • Students who graduate from an overseas university are required to submit the application to obtain a licence along with the required documentation via certified mail addressed to the Medical Professions Licensing Department.
  • After the documents have been reviewed by the Division, applicants who are eligible to apply to participate in an internship be provided with an account name and password that will allow them to access the healthcare professional portal.
  • The test fee must be paid and the pay slip must be scanned and uploaded into the portal.

More information is available by clicking the link below : More Information

Required Documents For Obtain a Pharmacist Licence

Students of an international university

  • 2 passport photographs
  • 2 copies of your identity card, as well as the attachment with your address.
  • Tourists Photographic copy of your passport with valid Israeli visa.
  • Questionnaire for health professionals Two copies
  • Application to take the federal licensing exam for pharmacists – two copies
  • Matriculation certificate
  • The final diploma from an accredited university or a certificate from the institution that you finished your study and met all the requirements to be eligible to receive the degree of pharmacology which will be conferred after a specific date.
  • Statement that your studies abroad were not based on letters of correspondence (distance learning)
  • The official confirmation confirms the study’s beginning and ending dates.
  • An official confirmation of the successful conclusion of the internship, along with the date of commencement and the end of the internship as well as the total amount of hours spent in the internship, or alternatively, an official certificate that at the least 1 year’s working as a licensed pharmacist in another country and the date of beginning and the date of completion of the work at the institution in which you work (in the case of relevant cases, in the form of an employee record book).
  • A license to practice the profession in the country in which the graduate was educated and/or worked in pharmacy (if the license requested is not able to be attached to the license, then a written letter of explanation is required).
  • The certificate says that there aren’t or were there no discipline, negligence or professional ethics complaint against the applicant.
  • Professional Certificate that demonstrates Good Standing from the authority empowered to issue it in the country where the practitioner was a professional.

Documents and other details are available at the following link: Documents and the application form

Office Locations and Contacts

Medical Professions Licensing Department
39 Yirmiyahu St.
P.O.Box 1176
Jerusalem 9101002
Contact number : *5400 08-6241010
Fax: 02-5655969
The hours are Sunday through Thursday from 8:30am – 4:00pm .
More contact details is available through the link below : More Contact Information

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with information on how to get the pharmacist Licence for Israel.




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