How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Record) In Austria

How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Record) In Austria

Process of applying for Austria.

a.Apply In-Person By Yourself:
    1. The Certificate of Criminal Record may be requested in the Federal Police Directorate of Vienna or at any city office (where the police office isn’t accessible) across the nation.
    2. Link for contact: NATIONAL Police Directorate please visit the instructions on the page.
    1. Application forms can be obtained from the respective office or can be downloaded from this link: Criminal record certificate
  • Visit the office of your choice. Make sure to bring the necessary copy of documents and originals with you at the time of visit to office.
  • Please adhere to the authorities’ guidelines and submit your complete application with all the required the required documents. The applicant must pay any fees if needed according to the guidelines.
  • The application will be handled by the department responsible for it.
  • The certificate may be obtained at the place where the applicants applied in person. It can be sent via mail following notification or issuing as per guidelines.
b. Contact representative
  • Citizens may appoint a representative in Austria to submit an application for them on their behalf using the required information and documents .
    How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Record) In Austria
    How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Record) In Austria

  2. A representative must be provided with a authorized written authority.
  3. The representative should go to the appropriate office. Make sure to bring the necessary copies of the documents.
  4. Follow the official guidelines and send the filled out application together with the supporting the required documents. The applicant must pay any charges according to the guidelines. Application form filled out by applicant must be utilized.
  5. The application will be handled by the appropriate department.
  6. The certificate is available at the place where the applicants applied in person on notification or issued in accordance with the rules.
Note: The representative should be aware of the following when applying.

  • Original power of attorney
  • Passport or ID card.

Applying process for overseas.

a. Contact the consulate or embassy in the individual
  1. Application can be made at the nearest consulate or embassy in person. The link will help you locate the consulate or embassy. Representations
  2. Applications can be requested at the consulate or embassy.
  3. Call the office and make an time for a personal visit. Find out more details to follow this process.
  4. When the date is set on the date you have been given, visit the office with all of the documents original and the original copy. You must follow the officer’s guidelines for processing your application.
  5. The application will be processed by the department responsible for it. The certificates once completed are then sent to the concerned department.
  6. The applicant must be able to collect the certificate from the appropriate office on notification or may have it handed over as per the regulations in force.

Documents that are required Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Record)

Specific to a country

  • Identity document valid (identity card or passport, driving licence, etc.).
  • Valid passport.
  • Document of the Citizen/Document of National Identity (DNI)

Foreign national

  • A duplicate of your passport when staying in Austria.
  • A duplicate of your permit for your stay in Austria along with your passport number, and location where it was issued as well.
  • Documents of legal residence (copy of passport issued during that time period, with seal and stamp).

In general

  • Application : Criminal record certificate
  • Valid proof of citizenship with picture (respective identification issued by the each country).
  • Legal proof of stay (copy of passport issued during that time period, and with the appropriate stamp and seal).
  • E-mail ID (useful to relay issues related to your application)
  • A self-addressed , self-addressed and addressed envelope without stamps (as as).
  • Contact number valid (applicant may be transmitted)
  • A complete collection of fingerprints taken by an authority that is recognized.
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).

Office Locations and Contacts

Vienna Police Department – Criminal Records Information Services, (“Strafregisteramt”)Wasagasse 22, A-1090 Vienna, Austria.
Fax: 01143 1 313 10 79209 | Phone: 01143 1 313 100

Contacts: NATIONAL POLICE DIRECTORATE LPDContact and Police Services along with Representations

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A person who has a valid passport as well as an address proof that is valid.
  • Age: 15 years old and over. For minors applicants, the application should be signed by the parent with parental authority, if minor isn’t yet 16 yet.
  • The residence address for the applicant has to be identical to the address on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of residence status, employment, or a long time visa or are seeking to move to a foreign country.


  • 79 GBP
  • Fee/charge is different from each the case. The latest fee requirements will be announced by the relevant authorities when applying.


Validity standards vary between countries.

Documents to Utilize

Criminal Record Check Application new 2014 (pdf, 75.88 kb)

Processing Time

  • 4 working days / 14 days
  • Processing times vary according to the country in which it was it was applied.

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  • You will need to present an official police document when you apply for permanent residency.

If you are from Austria

  • You should apply for a Strafregisterbescheinigung (Certificate of the Penal Register) in person at the Polizeikommissariat in Vienna or the Bundespolizeidirektion or Brgermeister in other cities, towns or villages.
  • You’ll have to supply an official photo identification document like a passport, identity documentor drivers license
  • Name changes need to be accompanied with legal documents like marriage certificates. You may also designate a person by granting a power of attorney to make an application for or obtain the police certificate on behalf of you.

If you are not a resident from Austria:

  • Apply at the Austrian consulate or embassy in Austria with the required documents.

The Information You Need

  • Your full name
  • Your birth date and the place of birthplace and date of
  • Your current addresses for residence
  • The motive behind the request
  • Gender
  • All family members prior to the last name
  • Nationality (s)
  • Names of parents who were born
  • Information from the previously mentioned documentation (proof of Identity (i), Nationality (ies) and earlier names;
  • A delivery address

Documentation is needed

Police certificates are a formal document issued by the police department or a government agency in the country in order to list any criminal record that the applicant might or might not have. Criminal records can be associated with conviction, arrest and even criminal legal proceedings.

The National Register of Criminal Records (Strafregister) is maintained and maintained through the Vienna Police Department – Register Division (Strafregisteramt).

Information that could be helpful

Applications from EU citizens:

If the request of an Austrian Police Clearance Certificate is submitted by a citizen of a different EU member state, an inquiry for information about the police record of the Member State will then be made with officials of the Austrian authorities automatically, in accordance to the applicable EU-guidelines. An applicant is informed about the results of the investigation.

Other uses for the document/certificate

All applicants (principal applicants as well as dependants (spouse and children, regardless of whether they are they accompany the person applying for the move to Canada and not) seeking the right to permanent residency in Canada who are 18 or over need a certificate of police from every country they’ve resided in for 6 months or more prior to the age of 18 (or at least 16 years of the age of 16 to be eligible for Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran). In some instances, people who are applying for temporary residence (workers or students, as well as visitors) are also required to present a police certification. In addition, those who have been in a country less than six month may also be required to submit the police certificate.

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The Local Police Search: Visit the police department in your area in the area where you currently reside or resided in Austria Request that they conduct a criminal records check and then provide you with a certificate indicating the absence of a criminal conviction. The local police department may request you to appear in person for the investigation to be conducted. The local police department may define this however they feel is appropriate.

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