How To Obtain a Post Paid Number In Australia

How To Obtain a Post Paid Number In Australia

  1. Visit the Telecommunication Universal Service Management Agency or the Government Department of Communication to locate registered or authorized telecom companies.
  2. Choose a plan that is reasonable and is reliable for you Go to the company to find out the prerequisites for obtaining the number you want;
  3. Collect all documents required and complete applications. They can also be downloaded from websites of telecom. For instance visit : for a sample form.
  4. Fill out the Application form and complete the Porting Authority form if you want to keep your existing mobile number. Return the forms that you have completed.

Apply In Online

  • To apply for an account Post Paid account, an applicant must visit the telecoms website of their preference.
    • The system will guide applicants through the process of applying and when all steps are completed, complete the application.
  • After receiving your request the application is considered and the request processed. If you are successful in your application, you will be informed when you will be notified. At that point, you will be able to complete the Direct Debit form and send the form to the address specified within the request form.

Documents that are required Post Paid Number

Identification documents such as the Drivers License, or Valid Passport

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of CommunicationsGPO Box 2154
Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
38 Sydney Avenue
Forrest ACT 2603
Telephone 1800 254 649 (free calling) or 02 62711000 (international +61 26271 1000)

Telecommunications Universal Service Management Agency (TUSMA)
Level 46
Melbourne Central Tower
360 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
PO Box 13310
Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010
Tel: 03 9097 8300
Fax: 03 9097 8399

What Are All The Eligibility

Candidates for Post Paid have to be older than 18 (18) years old.


  • Access 30 Monthly fee of approximately $39
  • Access 180 access fee of approximately $199
  • It is the Access 365 yearly fee approximately $365


The validity of the service varies based on the amount that was paid. minimum time for access of thirty (30) days, therefore the monthly fee has to be paid each month after 30 days for renewal of access. The applicants can choose to pay Access 30, Access 180 or Access 365.

Documents to Utilize

  • Application Formula
  • Direct Debit Form
  • Form for Porting

Application Form, Direct Debit Form and Porting Form can be viewed at


  • Holders of post-paid numbers are required to pay a minimum amount (called a minimum monthly spending) each month until the contract is up.
  • Minimum monthly spending covers an amount that is set for texts and calls as well as an limit of data (called your monthly allowance).
  • However, not all plans have information.
  • A fee will be added to use the allowance above the monthly limit.
  • Extra charges are added on the amount of the minimum monthly spending.
  • The applicants are subject to credit checks and authorities has the right to deny application requests that don’t conform to the standards.
  • Post Paid accounts must be paid by Direct Debit every month using an account on your Credit Card or by direct debit from the bank account.
  • Monthly invoices are sent out every month to the email address of the client’s chosen address provided.

The Information You Need

  • Address and full name of applicant
  • Nationality

Documentation is needed

Post-paid customers are the ones who are that are charged for their usage on an annual basis. The amount of charges is dependent on the contract’s terms or the amount of services they’ve used. In this situation, the holders of post-paid numbers required to sign contracts with the issuing business.

In Australia users of these contracts are bound to a contract with the phone company for a period of time (usually lasting between one month to 24-months). They get top-quality services such as high-speed connectivity, full-time connectivity, international and local calling, and in Australia there are no cost for maintenance in this instance and there is no expiration when monthly fees are paid. For the best reliability, flexibility and quality using a post-paid number is among the most reliable options.

Information that could be helpful

  • Monthly minimum expenditure, and any additional services you use will be repaid at the close of the month . This is on the top of your allowance for the month.
  • There is no limit on the length of time a person has to be able to keep the number. However, he has the right to choose the number of months you wish to stay for.
  • Pay will be paid for the entire month, regardless of whether the employee took a decision to quit at the end of a month.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • There are unlimited calls that can be made;
  • Holders are not able to be disconnected during an exchange due to lack of funds.

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How To Obtain a Post Paid Number In Australia
How To Obtain a Post Paid Number In Australia


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