How to Obtain a post paid Number In Uganda

Obtain a post paid Number In Uganda By Yourself

Post-paid number: The postal-paid code is a unique number which service is made available through an arrangement prior to the service with a particular service supplier and the subscriber is charged for the service rendered every after the month’s end. E.g. A mobile phone post-paid number the customer in this case is charged depending on their use of mobile service at the end of every month.

HOW to apply

  1. Make sure you have all the documents required along with the fees recommended and go to any branch office of mobile service providers in your vicinity.
  2. Visit the customer service desk and make an appointment to post-paid registration. Fill it in with the correct details.
  3. Attach all required documents to the completed form and hand them over to the official in attendance who will check the documents.
  4. Pay a deposit as well as the amount you’d prefer to pay on a monthly schedule or according to the terms of the service provider.
  5. After paying all necessary application fees, you will be issued a post-paid card and if you already have an active prepaid account, it could be converted into a post-paid lines in accordance with your need.
Apply online

  • The mobile service providers have an internal process that allows users to use post-paid service on your own. You can contact any mobile phone service providers to get help on how to receive a post-paid card through the online or mobile system.

Required Documents For Obtain a post paid Number

The requirement of a post-paid mobile number for mobile numbers

  • 2 recent passport photographs
  • Photocopy of an ID document (national ID or passport)
  • Every utility invoice (water bill electric bill, water bill, etc.)
  • A current statement from a bank
  • Recommendation letter (stamp LC letter etc.)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Licenses for trading
  • All fees recommended
  • Mobile SIM card line

Office Locations and Contacts

MTN Uganda

Physical Address

22 Hannington Road
postal address

P.O. Box 24624 Kampala
Fax Number *256 (0) 312 312 212
Site: MTN

Africell Uganda

Plot 28-30 Clement Hill Road
P.O. Box 24144 Kampala Uganda
+256 (0)20 4792 000 (reception)
+256 79 0000 100 (customer care)

Uganda Telecom

Plot 2/4A Rwenzori Courts ,
Nakasero Road, P.O. Box 7171
Kampala, Uganda Toll Free lines 997 300
Tel: +256 41 333 200
Fax: + 256 41 345 907
Website :Uganda Telecom

Airtel Uganda

Airtel House,
Lot number. 40 Jinja Road,
P. O. Box 6771 Kampala
Kampala toll free number 1100, or 0752 230110 if you are on a different line
Fax: +256 75 2234933
Site: Airtel Uganda


  • It is recommended to visit or contact any of the service providers’ branch offices to inquire about the recommended charges to register with a mobile number that is postpaid


  • The warranty is valid for as long as you continue to make payment on your bills

Processing Time

One day of work


Things you need to know prior to applying for this program

  • It is based on a 12 months contract basis.
  • You have to pay connection or set up fees
  • You have to pay a refundable fee (deposit)
  • Roaming cost
  • Monthly fees

If you’re sure that you satisfy the requirements above then you can visit or contact any of the following service providers branch offices to inquire regarding how to sign up for a post-paid number

Operators of mobile networks in Uganda

  • MTN Uganda
  • Airtel Uganda
  • Uganda Telecom
  • Africell Uganda
  • Smile Telecom
  • K2 Telecom

Requirements Information

  • Names of all applicants
  • Current date
  • Addresses for email and postal addresses of the applicants
  • Physical address
  • mobile number (pre-paid )
  • ID number
  • Serial number for the line
  • The gender of the applicant’s gender
  • The signature of the applicant’s signature
  • The amount to be paid monthly basis
  • business/company name

The Document is required

  • This is a phone number that comes with a contract-based billing option which allows you to talk at a lower cost. Talk and text for as long as you like without having to worry about refilling the credit on your phone. You will receive a monthly, invoice that is itemized and is due to be paid by the end of each month, or based on the contract you’ve signed with your service provider.
  • They are widely employed and are suitable for use for Non-Governmental Organizations, Business and Marketing Services, Security Services or even individuals. It is also ideal for those who make a lot of calls.


  • This option is best for those with a stable income.

Information that can be useful

Mobile number that is post-paidThis is a post-paid number that can be used for international and domestic calls. It is practical for Non-Governmental Organizations, Business and Marketing Services, Security Services or even individuals. It is also suitable for people who make large calls. In this arrangement, the customer must enter into a contract with the mobile service provider and make an advance payment. The client will receive a an annual statement that details the amount of transactions made and the amount of money of money charged.


  • Convenient
  • Time-saving

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