How to Obtain a Public Gaming License In Uganda

Obtain a Public Gaming License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. An application for a license to conduct a lottery for the public is to be made to the Board in accordance with the rules adopted by the Board and must be supported by the fees prescribed.
  2. It is recommended to start by getting suggestions from your local authority for obtaining a public gaming License.
  3. Once you have received the confirmation. The next step is to go to at the National board gaming Board (NGB) offices to submit the application for a general gaming license.
  4. You will be provided with an application form for Public Gaming License -Form A1 to fill out Form A1 for application to Public Gaming License Fill The application in two copies.
  5. Complete the application payment
    • Investigator Charge (Local) UgSh. 10,000,000
    • The Application Fee is UgSh. 1,000,000
    • Licence Fees for betting UgSh. 250,000,000
  6. Complete the Form A1 of the form to the NGB along alongside the other documents.
    • Recommendations from the local authority
    • Payment of the investigation fee
    • Identification documents
  7. The NGB will examine the application and conduct an investigation regarding the gaming facility prior to the Board’s approval. The investigation will be conducted is conducted by Board to assess the suitability of the applicant and the premises.
  8. Following a the successful review. If the review is successful, the NGB will issue the gaming license. The processing process generally takes one month.
  9. A permit to conduct a public lotto will be granted in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in regulations issued in accordance with this

Required Documents For Obtain a Public Gaming License

  1. Documentation for incorporation (Memorandum as well as articles of Association).– Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  2. Investment certificate for foreign applicants.- Uganda Investment Authority.
  3. Forms of return for the last year of a company that has share capital.
  4. Evidence of physical geographical.
  5. Recent audited books of accounts.
  6. Bank account details.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (submit plan for Corporate Social Responsibility).
  8. Security assurance.
  9. Documentation of the payment of the prescribed fee.
  10. Business plan.
  11. Descriptions of rules and regulations for games, as well as equipment.
  12. Information about the company’s shareholders directors, shareholders and other key employees.
  13. The suitability of the premises is subject to inspection and approval of the board, at a cost in the amount of one million Ugshs.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Gaming Board UgandaPhone +256 414231628 +256 414231638; +256 414231648.
P.O.Box 5446 Kampala,Uganda.
Communications House Plot 1 Colville Street
E-mail Address:
Site: National Gaming Board Uganda


  1. Someone who wants to play games of chance to win cash or in the value of money.
  2. The Board must, in the process of determining whether an individual is eligible to be granted a license or permit in accordance with this Act examine:
    • The financial condition or solvency of the individual.
    • The education or other qualifications or experiences of the applicant with regard on the type of duties that, if an application is approved, the applicant will be required to perform.
    • The validity of any other approval or license granted to an candidate by any regulator of the financial industry.
    • The applicant’s ability to conduct the job in a competent, honest, and honestly;
    • The character, reputation financial integrity, reliability and character-The reputation, character, financial integrity and reliability
    • for a natural person the person concerned when a natural person is the person
    • for an entity, the company including its chairperson, directors of the company, its chief executive, management and any other employees comprising agents appointed by the company, as well as any significant shareholder of the company, in the event that the chairperson director or chief executive, or other personnel are shareholders of the company.


  • The bet is 250,000,000=
  • Slot machines 250,000,000/=
  • Installation, manufacture, or supply of betting or gaming machines of 250,000,000=
  • License to establish or operate a casino 1,000,000,000/=
  • National Lottery 5,000,000,000/=
  • Public Lottery 250,000,000/
  • License for operating a pool betting business of 250,000,000/=
  • Bingo operating license 250,000,000/=
  • Betting intermediary operating licence 250,000,000+


  • One year.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

  • It takes one month.


  • It is recommended to start by getting suggestions from your local authority for the establishment of public gaming facilities.
  • A request for the issue or renewal of permit or license is to be submitted at the Board in duplicate.
  • The person conducting the lottery must have an open game of chance without the license granted through the Board.
  • When an application is submitted for or by a body corporate, partnership or body corporate, the application must be signed by the partner or secretary of the body corporate or the society depending on the situation.
  • An application is required to be filed for every premise that the applicant wants to arrange and oversee the gaming

The Information You Need

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Plot No. Street, Town
  4. Name under which the business will be carried out
  5. Date and time of registration
  6. The full names of all directors, partners and secretaries of a body corporate, and managers of any kind, if there is any
  7. Details of the games you’d like to arrange and manage
  8. The amount of gross turnover during the first 12 months
  9. Address and name of accountant that you would like to nominate to audit your accounts statement

Need to have the Document

  • A license for public gaming is a license granted by the government of the issuer to handle with, operate, or manage any gambling game or slot machine or race book pool

Information that can be useful

  • A bookmaker must keep a complete and accurate list of all wagers made by him in such a way that they can be able to demonstrate that each period of 14 days-
  1. The total value of wagers made from him (including bets placed at a race meeting that is authorized) and the winnings that were paid to him;
  2. in the event of bets made at a location other than a race meeting that is authorizedin the event of bets placed at a place other than an authorized race meeting
    • the total amount of lost bets, and the amount of bets that have won; and
    • the sum of all bets
  • A bookmaker must within seven days of every fourteen day period of fourteen days, provide to the Collector an fortnightly-certified statement in duplicate along with a copy of the tickets issued by him, and a payment for the amount of tax payable under

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  • It can also be used to run a gaming facilities.
  • It is illegal for anyone engaging in gambling or other activity without a authorization of the.



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