How to Obtain a Rental Box PO Box Address In Uganda

Obtain a Rental Box PO Box Address In Uganda By Online

  1. If you want to get an rental box, go to Posta Uganda main branch on Kampala Road next to Bank of Uganda or any other branches throughout the country with the documents required and the recommended application fee
  2. Contact the customer service desk to ask for the rental box application form. follow the directions and complete it precisely
  3. Pay the application fee and then submit the completed form along with the required documents to the official attending who will review the documents submitted and then process them.
  4. If all the details are correct, you will receive your Box Number that you rented immediately

Required Documents For Obtain a Rental Box PO Box Address

for Individuals

  • Valid ID documents (ID card passport, driver’s licence, ID card)
  • Two passport-sized photos that provide a have a clear face view
  • Recommendation letter LC letter with the photocopy of a valid ID.

for Non-Individuals

  • Valid identification documents (ID card or passport, driver’s licence, driver’s,)
  • Directors or owners.
  • Two passport-sized images that clearly show the face,
  • Certificate of incorporation or business/company/organization registration,
  • Recommendation letter LC letter, along with the photocopy of a valid ID.

Office Locations and Contacts


Main Branch

Posta Uganda Plot 35,
Kampala Road,
P. O. Post Box 7106 Kampala,
Tel. Contact number: +256-414-255511/5, Ext282,315
Website: Uganda post
Other Branchings

Posta Clock Tower,
Posta Bulange,
Posta Wandegeya.


  • Individuals, companies, and organizations can apply for an rental box.


  • A small box can be available for rental at Ushs 35,100. large boxes are available for rent at Ushs 49,800annually.

Additional information on fees is available at the following link: Fess information


  • It doesn’t expire for as long as you continue to make the payments on your bill

Processing Time

  • One day of work


The cost of renting a letterbox:

  • The box rental is due each year on the 1st day of each month that the container was assigned. The payment must be received within 21 days of the date on which the tenancy expires. In the event of not paying rent for the box can cause forfeiture and, consequently, an re-allocation of the box.
  • A small box is rented for Ushs 35,100/- , and larger boxes are available for rental at Ushs 46,800 annually.
  • When you rent a private mailbox, you will receive a renter’s authorization card. The card can at times be required when you pick up valuables from our counters.
  • To ensure your privacy, it is suggested that you open your letters outside of the boxes in the area. The act of opening or reading letters inside this area could cause you to be unnecessarily interrogated by security personnel.
  • To ensure security, no other objects should be stored or put in your box.

Requirements Information

Individual rental box

  • Full names,
  • Identification card number,
  • Passport number,
  • nationality,
  • telephone number,
  • physical address,
  • signature,
  • Email,
  • occupation,
  • referee

Box for Business Rental

  • Name of the business,
  • physical address,
  • location, street,
  • plot number,
  • telephone number,
  • director names,
  • referee,
  • Signature

diplomatic missions, non-government groups parastatals, institutions, and others Names, full names, physical address

Need to have the Document

A rental box that is often referred to as Posting Box, Letter Box, Private Bag and many other names in Uganda lets the owner, or the tenant to receive their correspondence and parcels of letters along with mails and other items such as items, luggage and other things such as when one buys an item on an online store such as Amazon and wishes to have the item delivered to him by. The service is offered via Posta Uganda which was formerly called Uganda Post and Telecommunication Cooperation prior to its privatization and changed to its current name.

Information that could be helpful

Problems with incorrectly addressed mail found in your mailbox The letters found in your mailbox sent to someone who you do not know must not be destroyed or removed.

You must:

  • Contact the correct post office, where they will be able to mail it to the proper person.

Below are a few possible reasons for why letters that isn’t belonging to you might be in your mailbox

  • The box you received could be reissued and the letter could belong to an earlier owner
  • The incorrect address could be utilized by the sender.
  • Note: The reasons listed above are the most likely causes to find letters that are not familiar in your letterbox , however this doesn’t suggest that you share the box.

Your letterbox is secure:

  • Always keep your mailbox secure
  • Lock your key in a safe location
  • Report any mail infraction

Replacement of keys that have been lost

  • Repair of the lock in the event of the loss of keys is paid for. A lock that has one key will cost you shs. 20.000/=. A second key is 5000or.
  • If the lock fails and you need a replacement, it will be provided for free. (However it must be accompanied by an authorized written statement from the renter)

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Postage PrepaidThis is a service that is prepaid for international and domestic mail, which is extremely useful for those who handle large volumes of mail. In this arrangement, a customer must sign an agreement to Posta Uganda and makes an advance payment from which each parcel he/she delivers for posting will be debited. They will be given a monthly statements that show the total number of transactions and the amount of money that was charged.


  • Convenient
  • Time-saving



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