How To Obtain a Smart Number In Australia

How To Obtain a Smart Number In Australia

The purchase of the Smartnumber

  • Register at the and provide the required information.
  • Find the number you prefer and then check whether it is available.
  • Once the order number is selected, go through your order, and then confirm in accordance with the conditions and terms.
  • Pay for the registration cost and the cost for the Smartnumber, usually by credit card. EFT and BPAY are both available however, they are more time-consuming to complete. Numbers are available to other customers until the payment is confirmed.
  • A personalised message will be sent out to inform you of the enhanced rights to use the number. Contact your preferred telco company.

Connecting the Smartnumber

  • Go to and register for an account by following the given steps on the page.
  • Select a plan that is of your option. Plans start just $14 per month.
  • Select any additional features you’d want to include with your Smartnumber like Live answering service, Business introductions IVR menus and more.
  • Make your purchase and choose the payment method you prefer.

Documents that are required Obtain a Smart Number

  • Applicant Details (Name, Address, Contact information)
  • Information on Business
  • Because these can be considered virtual, there aren’t any technical or installation requirements that must be satisfied.

Office Locations and Contacts

Alltel is an National business that serves businesses across Australia 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835)
Fax: 1300 255 855

Alltel Pty Ltd
ABN 95 126 744 116 Postal Address:
Alltel Pty Ltd
PO Box 5133
Brandon Park, VIC 3150 International Telephone: +61 3 8513 1300 International Fax +61 3 99236327

Melbourne (National Head-Office)
622 Ferntree Gully Road
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
p. (03) 8513 1300

Suite 1A Level 2 802 Pacific Highway
Gordon, Nsw 2072
p. (02) 8355 7333

Level 4, 49 Sherwood Road
Toowong in QLD 4006
p. (07) 3077 7277


  • A $19.50 fee is charged for registration on ACMA’s ACMA the Numbering System website.
  • Smartnumber prices start at $250.
  • The payment must be made in the first 30 days after submitting an application for the Smartnumber.
  • 13 1800 and 1300 plans begin with as little as 14 dollars per month, and include a the one-time $19 setup cost.
  • 13 Numbers impose an additional tax from the government of $7980 per year, which is $848.84 each month which is not inclusive of GST


  • Smartnumbers have to be activated for the first time in 3 years after the date of the date of allocation. Within 3 years the number must not be unactive (calling the number must connect to your phone).
  • An automated email will be sent to your inbox a year in advance and another 10 weeks prior to the time when the time period for activation will expire.

Documents to Utilize

  • Personal Identification
  • Business Documents (Certificates and Licenses)

Processing Time

Give at least 10 days from the time you purchase the number prior to activation with your chosen provider.


  • These numbers function like regular inbound numbers , and can be directed to any telephone (landline or mobile VoIP, fax, or even an answering service that is live)
  • The account holder is responsible for costs associated with the phone call (1800 numbers) or shares the cost together with caller (13 and 1300 numbers) in exchange for an annual fee to use the services. A government-imposed annual fee could be imposed (13 number only).
  • These Rights of Use for Smartnumbers can be leased to companies by a company that sells phonewords, or directly purchased via the Australian Communications and Media Authority website.
  • The use the monthly recurring fees and GST are combined into the invoice.
  • Calls are charged pro-rata by one-second increments.
  • It is not a minimum term in a contract.
  • Changes to plans are not charged. They will be effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle.
  • There are a variety of routing options included in the configuration, at no extra cost. Advanced routing strategies are possible at a cost.

Requirements Information

  • Type of industry
  • Classification of industries
  • ABN, ACN, or ARBN
  • Name of the account
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address
  • Contact details
  • Payment/credit card details

The Document is required Obtain a Smart Number

Smartnumbers are highly recognizable phone numbers owned by Australia. Australian government. The extended rights of use (RoU) for these numbers can be purchased or leased. They are regarded as the best option of 13 1800 and 1300 numbers available in Australia. They are available in two varieties:

  • The phone words are used to spell out a company’s brand or service (1 800 PIZZAS), OR
  • The numbers are arranged in very memorable patterns, resulting in the ability to be remembered (1 300, 50 and 10)

Information that could be helpful

  • You can sell or lease your phone number in an agreement with a different entity. The trading of part of a number is not permitted.
  • You can also remove your right to usage through your account online. But, there are no refunds of the cost of the purchase.
  • If the number you like is not the normal length (6 numbers for 1300/1800 as well as 4 numbers for 13,) You can make use of other numbers. Limit your over dials to 3-4 numbers for numbers 1300/1800 and one number for the 13 number range.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate


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How To Obtain a Smart Number In Australia
How To Obtain a Smart Number In Australia

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