How to Obtain a Social Insurance Card (INPS) In Mali

Obtain a Social Insurance Card (INPS) In Mali By Yourself

  1. Candidates should visit the National Institute of Social Prevoverance the branch office of INPS’ in your city and register your interest to the desk for customer service and;
    • Gather the forms you require, which should be correctly completed by your employer.
    • Attach all documents required (see the document required below for the required document) Also, attach all the required documents (see required document below)
    • Send the documents to be checked as well as recorded by an INPS agent.
  2. In the next step, an INPS Agent will check the file and if they are confident that the file is correct and the application file is accepted and you will receive receipt with the date you withdraw the reply to the request.
  3. Check the INPS office at the time of the scheduled pickup date indicated on the withdrawal receipt . Take your NIC card and withdrawal receipt. Present them for validation by the INPS agent or registrar.
  4. Your picture will be taken at the photo booth. It will be laminated onto the INPS membership card. It will then be it will be issued to you as soon as possible.

Required Documents For Obtain a Social Insurance Card

The general document that is to be sent

  • Copy of birth certificate of employee (original)
  • Application to register the employee (original) completed with the stamp of the employer

Additional documents for married applicants:

  • A copy of the birth certificate (original) of the spouse of the employee
  • Copy of extract from wedding certificate (original)

Additional documents for applicants with children:

  • Copy of birth certificates (original) for his kids

Office Locations and Contacts

Phone: +223 2021255/ 76380791
Fax: +223 20214731


Any employee local or foreign working in Mali whether in the private or public sector, or self-employed individuals are qualified.


There is no charge associated with the service provided to employees.


It is good until the time you reach retirement and receive the entire amount of the retirement benefits you receive.

Processing Time

The processing time should not be longer than 21 calendar days following making the request.

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the employee or employer
  • Contact with the employee or employer
  • Information about the residence of the applicant
  • Position/profession of the employee
  • Address of workplace
  • Social Security Number of employer
  • The basic salary of the candidate”employee”
  • Identification document number
  • The nationality of the employee or employer
  • Duration of employment contract
  • The employee/employer must sign a declaration

The Document is required

  • National Institute of Social Prevoyance INPS is an insurance-backed pension scheme which helps you plan for your future. The goal is to begin saving early and have the savings put in your name.
  • National Institute of Social Prevoyance Membership cards from INPS allow you to contribute monthly regardless of whether you’re working or not. When you reach the age of retirement, you’ll be eligible to receive your contributions with accrued interest.

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How to Obtain a Social Insurance Card (INPS) In Mali
How to Obtain a Social Insurance Card (INPS) In Mali



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