How to Obtain a Sugar Millers/Jaggery License (Mill Operating License) In Uganda

Obtain a Sugar Millers/Jaggery License (Mill Operating License) In Uganda By Online

  1. The Forms and Regulations Governing licensing of millers and jaggery may be downloaded via the Uganda Registration Services Bureau website.
  2. Complete the form in a timely manner and precisely. Each application must include all necessary documents.
  3. Send the application form along by the documents required in the Office of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau
  4. A Jaggery Manufacturing Licence must be able to specify
    1. the premises on the conditions under which the agreement is in force
    2. the maximum amount of jaggery that the holder of the licence can produce within the term of validity of the licence;
  5. In the event of a written request to the Minister and upon payment of the fee on the form and at the same rates as are determined by the Minister in rules enacted under the Act, the Minister can give to anyone an authorization to make jaggery.

Required Documents For Obtain a Sugar Millers/Jaggery License

  • Factory license to prove that the operations of the applicant are in compliance with the regulations that are in place under the factory’s Act.
  • List of all growers that have sugarcane farms and supply agreements to prove the sugarcane availability and supply.
  • The declaration of the nature of the supply of sugarcane such as nucleus estate , or independent sugarcane growers who are not contracted with any contract.
  • The geographical region that sugarcane is grown in.
  • A commitment to guarantee that the sugar quality and other sugar products is guaranteed.
  • The applicant must meet the requirements set by the Uganda Bureau of Standards in conformity to the Standards Act.
  • A valid certificate issued by an Public Health Officer and license to prove that the applicant’s operations and establishments meet the standards of health and safety set by the Medical Officer of Health responsible for public health, in line to the Public Health Act.
  • Environmental impact assessment permits as proof that operations meet the environmental standards established by the National Environmental Management Authority in conformity to the Environment, Management & Co-ordination Act.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Lot 5 George Street, Georgian House, Kampala
P.O.Box Box 6848 Kampala Uganda
URSB General Line: +256 414 233 21
Call Center Call Center: +256 417 338 100
URSB Fax +256 414 250 712
Website:Uganda License portal


To obtain a Jaggery Manufacturing Licence must fulfill the requirements listed below.

  1. You must have reached the age of 18( 18 years).
  2. Has not been convicted of an offense pursuant to sections 2 and 7(3)(a) or 7(3)(a) of the Enguli Act within the period of two years prior to the date of the demand for Enguli Licence;
  3. The Applicant should not be considered as a bankrupt and had not had, as of the time of his or filing, been granted a discharge or signed a contract of arrangement with their creditors or
  4. The applicant must have an active jaggery manufacturing licence that was issued to them pursuant to the provisions of Part III of the Enguli Act


  • Application Fee There is no fee
  • License Fee UgShs. 100,000/= in jaggery mills, and UgShs. 1,000,000/= for sugar factories


Valid for one year

Processing Time

30 working days


  • It is illegal to manufacture jaggery without a licence being issued to that end from the minister.
  • Anyone with Jaggery Manufacturing Licence who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of an offence and is subject to a fine that is not to exceed 2 000 shillings.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Physical Physical Location
  • Division
  • District / Municipality
  • L.R. No./Nos
  • Directors’ names Addresses, signatures and names
  • Warehouse Capacity Metric Tonnes
  • Physical Address
  • L.R. No.
  • Previous Experience

Information that can be useful

  • The Minister can suspend any Jaggery manufacturing licence issued by the Manufacturing and Licensing Act, when the holder of the licence fails to comply with any of the conditions specified in the Licence, or violates any provision of the Act.
  • Anyone who holds Jaggery Manufacturing Licence who is in violation of any of the provisions of section of the Act commits an offense and could be subject to a fine that is not to exceed 2 000 shillings.

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