How To Obtain a Tax identification Number In Gabon

How To Obtain a Tax identification Number In Gabon

Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) in Gabon typically obtained during the incorporation process for entities within Gabon, so the application process begins with procedures for incorporation in the following manner the following steps:

1.The applicant begins in contact with a notary who will help with registration or incorporation process;

2.Then select a name to be used by the business. In this instance it is suggested to choose a name and the person applying along with the lawyer who has been contacted, conducts an investigation to find the whether a name is available. If the name is found and the name is available, the applicant begins the registration process.

3.Thereafter the applicant continues by depositing the minimum capital necessary for incorporation in the bank. In this scenario, the business owner will need to open an account at a bank under the name of the company under incorporation (if there is no name yet been reserved), the account could opening under the term Company under Incorporation and when the bank account is established it will require the capital to be transferred to the account of the bank and get the deposit slip

4.Then the applicant proceed with the drafting, signing, and registration of in the constitution for the business. The drafting process is typically performed by a notary. The signing is performed by the directors of the company before the notary, and then the documents signed by the directors are registered and deposited at an official public notary. After depositing the documents at the notary public, the notary also issues an acknowledgment of the payment of the capital initial;

5.The managers or directors at this point are required to get the police clearance certificates. In this scenario, the criminal records of directors are obtained and the clearance certificates are given by police.

6.Then the applicant must submit all documents required for registration to the Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion of Investment”) to register with various institutions, which includes an application to the Tax Authority. Once documents are sent at the Investment Promotion Agency, they are sent to various agencies, including those of the Direction Gnral des Impts du Gabon for registration.

7.When these documents have been received by various agencies, they are evaluated and, if they are accepted, the applicant becomes certified and registration certificate issued. It is the tax authorities that issue an Tax Registration Certificate with a Tax Identification Number (TIN);

8.Then the applicant moves on to the process of incorporating the company.

Documents Required Tax identification Number

1.Copy of the company’s law

2.Copies of the identification documents for all directors

3.Police certification of clearance for directors

4.Initial capital deposit slips

5.Payment slips

6.Signed the articles of association

Office Locations and Contacts

Direction Gnral des Impts du Gabon

B.P. 47 or 37 Libreville Gabon

Telephone No. : +241 0179 53 76 / 7



How To Obtain a Tax identification Number In Gabon
How To Obtain a Tax identification Number In Gabon

The Agence de Promotion des Investissements Privs (APIP),

BP 13740 Libreville GABON

Telephone Number. : (241) 76 87 66.

What Are All The Eligibility

Any company which is undergoing the process of being incorporated within the country.


  • Company name to be reserved CFA 25,000
  • The opening of a bank account as well as the deposit of capital
  • Depositing, singing, drafting and signing the articles of association 15 percent of capital
  • Certificates from the Police for Police Clearance of Directors CFA 16,000
  • Registration at Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion d’Investissement”) CFA 235,000
    • Investment Promotion Agency (APIP) fee CFA 95,000
    • Registration fees CFA 60,000
  • Registration through Service de Domains CFA 35,000
  • Registration with the Commercial Registry CFA 25.000
  • Tax Registration no charge
    • Stamps CFA 80,000
  • Stamps from the Service de Domains CFA 30,000
  • Stamps on the Commercial Registry CFA 50,000


Insofar as registrations are not cancelled

Processing Time

  • Name of the company to be reserved for the day of one (1) day
  • Opening a bank account and the depositing of capital for the first time in 3 (3) days
  • Depositing, singing, draft and signing the articles of association one fourteen (14) days
  • Police Clearance Certificates to the Directors are valid for two (2) to one (1) to ten (10) days

Registration at Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion d’Investissement”) thirty (30) days


1.Tax ID numbers will be traced during the course of registering your business;

2.A person who is planning to apply for Tax Identification Number must be prepared to incorporate

3.Applicants should make every effort to secure all necessary documents prior to registering;

4.Have all the information required to register a company or a company;

5.Managers and directors of companies must have good character.

6.After getting an identification tax number, applicants must all the steps of the registration of their company.

Requirements Information

1.Name applicant under incorporation process;

2.Type of service or product that are to be incorporated created;

3.Physical and contact details;

4.Directors of the business that are incorporated;

5.Company law

The Document is required Tax identification Number

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an identification number typically used to determine tax obligations. In Gabon like in any other country, Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) are given to both business and private organizations for the purpose of administering tax laws. They is issued by the federal government in the Direction Gnral des Impts du Gabon generally in the course of incorporation with the Investment Promotion Agency (Agence de Promotion of Investment.

Information that can be useful

  • The process of getting an Tax Identification Number (TIN) allows businesses to incorporate in the country.
  • The TIN certificate could be used to prove the ownership of an entity
  • It is the TIN Registration Certificate is used as an identity document for a business or firm;
  • Registration refers to the legal existence of an entity.

Through registration the government can to access vital data of all legal entities operating within the country.

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