How To Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Germany

How To Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Germany

  • The Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt for Steuern) gives a standard as well as permanent tax identification code (TIN) to all individuals who is taxed to ensure clear identification during taxation procedures. The issuance of TIN is automated. The identification numbers can also be given to children. This is important because tax liability can start from the time of birth.

It is expected that the Federal Central Tax Office will provide you with a notice in writing to inform you that a tax identification number was given to you and that the information is being stored along with the TIN.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Central Tax Office:Bundeszentralamt fur Steuern
Hauptdienstsitz Bonn-Beuel
An der Kuppe 1
53225 Bonn

Phone: +49 228 406 1240
(Monday through Friday, 8 am until 4:00 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00)

What Are All The Eligibility

Every person is issued an 11-digit identification number in order to identify them as unique in this tax-related system.


Your TIN will never change even if you move address or even get married. It will be yours throughout your life. It is not a source of details about you, or the tax agency responsible for your tax issues. The introduction of the number will enable the improvement and efficiency of processing of data electronically.


The Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt for Taxn) issues a standard perpetual tax identification number (TIN) for every person who is taxed for the purpose of ensuring clear identification during taxation procedures.

The Document is required Tax Identification Number

It is necessary to mention your tax ID number on any forms, declarations or notices sent to tax authorities.

Information that could be helpful

TINs consist of 11 digits, namely 10 figures plus one check number.

The TINs are not descriptive numbers i.e. they do not provide any information regarding a taxpayer’s name, gender, or any other tax-related information.

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