How to Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Mali

Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Mali By Yourself

  1. The applicant must visit the secretaryariat of the the tax center in your municipal or Circle and register your interest at the desk of customer service.
  2. Choose the control ticket, and then wait your turn in the waiting room at the registration area. The secretary will register the file and provide the file with an acknowledgement which reveals the date when you withdraw the reply to the request. The secretary will then forward this file on to chief of the center. He will then, upon examination, forward the file to the head of the section for census.
  3. The census department visits the site and confirms the tax items on base of the basis on which tax ID has been confirmed as well as signed by the head of the Center within two working days.
  4. Visit the same office that you submitted the application in, along together with your withdrawal receipt and identification documents and show them to the official in the census section to validate and then get the pink card with your Tax ID number.
  5. The person then has to go to the management section of the tax center, where they are registered and a file is then created for his or her behalf.

Required Documents For Obtain a Tax Identification Number

  • A request for 200 francs, addressed to the Director center. Center.
  • The registration number on the Commercial Register.
  • A copy of your valid identity card.
  • A lease agreement.
  • The Articles of Association are applicable to an individual who is legally recognized

Office Locations and Contacts

Mali Tax DirectorateAddress: ACI 2000, Bamako
BP 776, Mali
Telephone Number: (+223) 20299918
Website: Link

How to Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Mali
How to Obtain a Tax Identification Number In Mali


Companies registered and the branches they have of international companies that operate in Mali.


There is no charge associated with the service

Processing Time

Processing time: Two working days.

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • Residence address
  • Identification document details
  • The value of the products to be taxed
  • A declaration from the applicant

Documentation is needed

The Tax Identification Number (Numero d’Identification Fiscale) is a unique identification number issued to citizens of the United States, foreigners who work in Mali local/foreign companies and businesses as well as other organizations that operate in Mali with the primary purpose to tax the Mali government, through Mali Revenue Authority. Mali Revenue Authority.

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