How to Obtain a Tax Idetification Number(TIN) In Uganda

Obtain a Tax Idetification Number(TIN) In Uganda By Online

Tax Identification Number or an individual tax payer identification number is a tax processing number that is only available to specific

Taxpayers and their representative should read and complete the application form prior to applying for a tax identification number in the Uganda Revenue Authority offices. Representatives authorized by the Certifying Acceptance Agents are required to fill out the tax identification form and present an original document of the form’s completion . The following information includes the requirements for documentation for people who want to obtain a Tax Identification Number

  • Title
    • You can also enter your formal name.
  • Name
    • Names that you must enter
  • Every taxpayer should only have one TIN number. If you are a sole trader and has multiple businesses or a corporation with multiple branches, or the person is a director or shareholder in more than one firm. If you had previously an account number or requested one but were not issued one, then you must fill out form DT-1001 and fill in your number in Line 9a, and the date you got the number on Line 9b. This is necessary to allow the URA to connect your old and new accounts , and ensure that you receive uninterrupted service and any credits you’re entitled to.
  • If you’ve already had one
    • Page 3 of Schedule 4, page 4. This information can assist the URA identify the number before for you.
  • If you have a well-established post office box in which you typically receive and pick up mail, write it down your address so that all of your Important notices regarding your tax filings are sent out to you via this box’s number.
  • Include information that can accurately describe the exact location of your residence. If certain categories are not applicable simply leave them blank. You have to fill in the details even if you’ve included a post office box number in the categories 9,12, 13 and 14.)
  • Citizenship and birth.
    • Fill in the requested information
  • If you’re a resident of Uganda Leave this line unmarked. If you’re a citizen of a different country than Uganda then provide the information required information in the form.
  • Normally, minors younger than 18, aren’t given the TIN. If an exception is required, simply tick the box, and then provide the required information within Schedule A.
  • If you’ve ever been identified with a name other than your current one or your birth name that is listed in Section A Box 4 to tick the box and then complete the Schedule 2 on page 2.
  • Select the appropriate boxes to specify the reason(s) in requesting the TIN. If you choose VAT local Excise as well as Gaming and Pool Betting Registration, you have to fill out an additional registration form , and provide an original copy. VAT Registration
  • Identification Documents
    • Enter the number of every type of ID you possess and follow the steps in the form of instructions. Any identity proof document which is in the process of expiring or due to expire within a 1 month time period starting following the date of the application is not accepted.
  • Identification Documents
    • If you are a business owner or investment in any Partnership, company or Trust check the appropriate box and fill in the required details.
  • Types of Income and Sources of Business Activity
    • Uganda Revenue Authority Uganda Revenue Authority needs to be aware of your different sources of income to establish your account in a proper manner.
    • If you earn employment and/or property income, make sure you check the boxes below.
    • If you earn money from your business venture check this box, then fill out a thorough K.
    • Be aware that if your company address is identical to the address that you have entered at the top of Section A on this form you are able to select the checkbox in 3c, and then skip through k.
    • If your business is managed from other location, you need to mark the box and fill out Form DT-1014. If you have multiple locations, you might require more than one copy of Form DT-1014.

If your company is permitted to withhold tax from suppliers, employees, or other sources, you could be required to sign up for tax withholding. If this is the case, check in the line on Line 8 then fill out the Schedule C3 in the 3rd page of your application Form.

It is the Uganda Revenue Authority needs to determine what type of business activities you carry out. Explain it in detail you believe is essential.

Apply Online

  1. One must visit on the website of the Uganda Revenue Authority website.
  2. Select the option to download online Formulas
    1. If an individualis a taxpayer, you must download the tax form DT-1001 e-tax.
    2. Non-individuals have to download the form for DT-1002
    3. Begin filling in the details you that you.
    4. Register for tax forms, whether individual or non-individual, depending on the forms that you downloaded.
    5. Fill in, scroll down and choose new form in drop-down menu. Then, follow all instructions to upload the form.
    6. After successfully uploading the forms successfully, you can upload them to.

You will sent an automated email advising you that the forms were successfully completed. Within 48 hours, you need to visit your closest Uganda Revenue Authority office and submit your printed manual forms to be verified. A new TIN will be issued after verification of the documents that you provided as ordered from the Uganda Revenue Authority staff.

Agent Contacts

(There might be additional costs associated for this process). Agent Disclosure

Angualia Busiku and Co. AdvocatesContact Email :,,
Contact Phone: +256774477656, (+256774110111
Website: URL to website

The hours and days of operation are 8:30 am until 5:45 pm

Required Documents For Obtain a Tax Idetification Number

  1. Any document that is proof of authenticity, such as identity card or passport
  2. Certificate of Business
  3. Business license for business
  4. Business Registration Certificate Number
  5. Evidence of Value Added Tax
  6. Local Excise completed form The form is DT-1012 Excise.

Office Locations and Contacts

URA Headquarters: Plot M193/M194,
Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279 Kampala
Phone: +256 414744000,
0800117000 (toll free)

Other offices:
Kampala South is located near the Old Kampala Mosque,
Kampala North is located within Bwaise (Mulago Kalerwe Round about


The TINs are issued by the Uganda Revenue Authority to every taxpayer according to the provisions of section 135(1) of ITA as well as the section 50(1) in the VAT Act. Anyone who is employed or engaged in any revenue-generating activity in which income tax, VAT, and other tax obligations are charged should be issued A tax identification number. Any one involved in the registration/transfer of a motor vehicle Any one involved in transfer of land. Each form, notice or return whether from a tax payer or the Commissioner General must be accompanied by the Tax Identification Number. If you require the TIN to only report income earned from employment, or the registration/transfer of a motor car or transfer of land, you are not required to submit section D and S. It’s required that taxpayers obtain an Tax Identification Number issued by the Uganda Revenue Authority and a Tax Identification Number is required when they are planning to pass a tax bill for government.


The tax is no charge.But when you employ an agent for tax purposes, you will be costed in the range of 20,000/= and the equivalent of 50,000.


There is no expiration date. A new TIN isn’t required but you should complete form DT-1002 to correct or change the information that is that is provided on the form.

Documents to Utilize

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

What is the length of time it will take? The process could take anywhere from 3 to 30 days, depending on the part of the country that you reside in. After you have submitted your application, an Uganda Revenue Authority representative will advise you on when the application should be complete.


You must log in on Uganda Revenue Authority’s website Uganda Revenue Authority website or go to the office of Uganda Revenue Authority to obtain Tax Identification Number.

Requirements Information

  1. Full names, names of parents
  2. Date
  3. plot number
  4. street number
  5. Name of the building
  6. trading center for trading
  7. district
  8. city
  9. Country
  10. sub country
  11. village
  12. Nationality
  13. telephone number
  14. Physical address
  15. Signature
  16. Email
  17. occupation
  18. ID type.

The Document is required

In Uganda the TIN Number that is also known by the name Tax Identification Number, is a particular number that is utilized by tax-payers in the payment of taxation to the government like motor registration tax on vehicles and insurance taxes, import and Export taxes as well as Value added taxes (VAT) and Operational Taxes, Company Taxes and many more.

Information that can be useful

Where can I fill out the form? The form must be submitted to the closest Uganda Revenue Authority office. If you need directions for the nearest office to you, you can call directly the Uganda Revenue Authority toll free at 0800117000.

Additional penalties for making false statements are provided in other laws. For further information, refer to the Registration and Deregistration guidelines on the form DT-1001.

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The tax identification application form number for individuals is different from the Tax Identification number for non-individuals, i.e. Corporation, partnership and large companies.




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