How To Obtain a Toll Free Number In Australia

How To Obtain a Toll Free Number In Australia

  • There are two toll-free number numbers available in Australia The numbers are 1800, and 1300. The method to acquire one of them is typically by contacting Australian Telecom.
    • 1800 numbers are free any location within Australia for as long as it is fixed line phones.
    • In Australia the caller or the receiver is not required to pay for calls made when dialling toll free numbers but the call is paid for by those who are the owners of the number.
    • The owner of the business is responsible to pay for all inbound and outgoing calls via a toll-free number.
  • It is the first thing to do. establish an 1800 local number in the state you would like to call in Australia It is crucial to remember that for majority of Australia you’ll need to establish toll-free numbers 1800 and 1300 to ensure that people can make free calls.
    • This is one method to offer them an opportunity to reach your business for free as a way to thank the people for the enthusiasm for your business.
  • The third step is to forward the toll-free number to the current location. There are several solutions that can set up the entire process quickly. This means that you could have multiple toll-free numbers that will forward customers to your main location. One thing to be aware of is that you’ll need be able to cover the cost of each toll-free number you add to your portfolio.
    • The use of all your services is combined into one bill.
    • All online purchases are protected using industry-standard SSL encryption, which supports 128-bit encryption.
    • The payment can be made through the followingmethod:

Apply In Online

Go to and sign up / open an account by following the steps given on the same page.

  • Begin by requesting your number: Applicants must select the number they prefer;
  • Choose the plan you want to use Then, the client has chosen the time when calls to 1800 will be answered, for example.
    • on a landline that includes all calls made from local numbers as well as Long Distance numbers and Mobile numbers;
    • on mobile phones
  • Add-ons: In this case, the appellant decided where the best ways to ensure that calls are answered 24 hours a day even if no one is in the vicinity to respond. The applicant can choose among the options options:•
    • Live Answering Live Messages 24/7 for just $29
    • Live Answering Team Messenger from $39
    • Live answering Reception connect starting at $49
  • Make the order You must provide the information of the company that will be operating on the line, and provides details on how to pay.

Payments can be made with credit card Account (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress and Discover) as well as making payments using a Prepaid Account (Wire Transfer, cash Bank Draft and Checks, Western Union QuickPay).

It is vital that owners never miss a phone call, it boosts productivity and gives a good first impression

Documents Required Obtain a Toll Free Number

  • Identity card
  • Certificates of registration for businesses
  • Credit cards

Office Locations and Contacts

Australian TelecomPhone 1300 508 500
Corporate Enquiries:

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who meets the requirements may apply for a toll-free number. But these numbers are mostly aimed at companies because they get most the calls they receive from outside callers.


Port-in charges are waived once. (Bring to a Smartnumber or already existing numbers).

  • The activation fee is $99
  • Monthly Costs $22
  • (3 months after activation).

Total = $165

Usage Charges (gst inclusive)

  • Calls to mobile OR mobile numbers are 8.5c per minute
  • Costs for calls to and from International

at 16.5c per minute.

Below are a few Add-on charges.

  • Live Answering Live Messages 24/7 $29
  • Live Answering Team Messenger $39
  • Live Answering Reception Connect $49

Processing Time

1 (1) Day or less.


  • For all kinds the person who owns the toll-free number is responsible for the toll fee incurred on calls.
  • The use of all services is combined into one bill , and all rates are inclusive of GST.
  • Special and premium calls is priced at a higher cost.
  • The calls made from mobile phones are paid by the owner for the time of call.
  • Untimed calls do not cost per minute, however they are limited at 2 hours because of technical reasons.
  • Access to 1300 is 5 cents per minute, 1800 access is 10 cents per minute.
  • 1800 numbers can also be located in Phonewords
  • Toll-free line are digital and don’t require a physical line Instead, they are redirected to a valid number.
  • The toll-free number can be directed to an Office number, mobile number office number, home-office number or an overseas number
  • It could be directed to several locations depending on the location of the caller.

Requirements Information

  • The details of the applicant (Name and address)
  • Business Information (Name Address, Phone Number and the location)

Documentation is needed

  • A toll-free number is a specific phone number that is completely cost-free for the person calling.
  • In this instance, the expenses are incurred by the phone owner. The numbers are identified using a access code for service from a prefix dialing range that varies from country nation.
  • There are two toll-free numbers in Australia The numbers are 1800, and 1300. 1800 numbers are 10-digit numbers that are free for those who call using all fixed lines in Australia In this instance, the call made using mobile phones is charged an amount that is set by the service providers for mobile phones. 1300 numbers are available for free to users on mobile and land lines and are therefore considered to be more flexible.
  • For non-local callers, the 1300 number are charged an additional cost and incur costs for every call that goes beyond 20 minutes.

Additionally, there are 13 numbers. They are the premium number that are subject to annual charges.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • It stimulates calls, thereby maximizing the amount of the amount of information from advertising and marketing;
  • A small risk of loss of calls. Since calls are forward to any number that the holder of the line doesn’t be able to miss important calls.
  • Lines are of top quality prices that are reasonable;
  • Customers can forward their complaints to get immediate responses;
  • There is a dependable 24 hour customer service;
  • It provides a variety of catchment areas;
  • The payment is made only for calls that have not been answered or busy calls.
  • The holder has the freedom to select the most convenient method for him/her to pay

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How To Obtain a Toll Free Number In Australia
How To Obtain a Toll Free Number In Australia


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