How to Obtain a Toll Free Number In Uganda

Obtain a Toll Free Number In Uganda By Online

A toll-free number starts with a region code i.e. Uganda toll-free number is 0800. If you dial any of the numbers listed, they don’t get paid per call. Anyone who has the toll-free number is the one who pays.

HOW to apply

  1. Within Uganda there are a variety of toll-free number providers where after completing the required information, you will get your toll-free number.
  2. Go to any branch supplier of Telecommunication companies located within Uganda e.g. telecom Uganda (UTL), MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda Orange Uganda and more. Bring all the documents required and fees for application.
  3. Visit the desk of service and make an appointment for the application form , go through the instructions attentively and then ensure that you fill it in accurately.
  4. Pay the application fee and send the completed form along with all the documents required to the officer in charge who will confirm the details and then process them.
  5. If all information is correct, then you will be given your toll-free number right away

Required Documents For Obtain a Toll Free Number

  • Valid Identification document (national ID card, passport)
  • Affidavits that are filled in accurately
  • Documents for a company or organization, such as the certificate of incorporation


other documents that may be required by the specific company

Office Locations and Contacts

MTN Uganda

Physical Address

MTN Uganda, 22 Hannington Road,
A Postal Address

P.O. Box 24624 Kampala
Fax Number *256 (0) 312 +256 (0) 312 212
Internet: MTN uganda

Orange Uganda

Plot 28-30 Clement Hill Road
P.O. Box 24144
Kampala Uganda
+256 (0)20 4792 000 (reception)
+256 79 0000 100 (customer care)
Website: orange

Uganda Telecom

Plot 2/4A Rwenzori Courts ,
Nakasero Road, P.O. Box 7171
Kampala, Uganda
Toll-free numbers 997 300,
Tel: +256 41 333 200
Fax: + 256 41 345 907
Website:Uganda Telecom

Airtel Uganda Airtel House,

Lot number. 40 Jinja Road,
P. O. Postal Box 6771, Kampala
1100 toll-free number or 0752 230110 if you are on another line
Fax: +256 75 2234933
Email :
Webiste : airtel uganda


They are frequently utilized and can be used in Utility Service Provider Companies, Government Parastatals (Organizations or Bodies), Non-Governmental Organizations, Voluntary Organizations, Business and Marketing Services, Security Services, Emergency Services Providers and numerous others to aid in making it easier for them to communicate with the community or their clients


Uganda Telecom: The cost for setting up is UG SHS 100,000/-. Initial deposit of UG SHS 500,000 or $198. MTN Uganda:A deposit of UGX 500 000 is required.

  • Other service providers can be contacted to learn more about application costs
  • The above-mentioned fees may be subject to be subject to change from time-to-time.


  • The warranty is valid so long as you keep making payment on your bills

Processing Time

  • Now, you must submit the application fee as well as documents.


Toll-free line:
Toll Free Lines enable customers/clients to call your company for free. They are perfect for businesses who wish to hear from and receive feedback from their clients or customers, or those that operate customer service or call centers.

The Information You Need

  • Names of all applicants
  • Name of the company or business
  • Address of the company’s office

The Document is required

Toll-free numbers are identified as the particular phone numbers where customers or customers can make calls at no cost and where the user just dials the number to make calls and isn’t charged or billed a single cent, regardless of where the provider calling from.

Information that could be helpful

Big benefits of toll-free lines:

  • Let your customers be aware of your offerings and services.
  • Learn how to answer the “real” questions, or send feedback or complaints
  • Reward your customers with loyalty
  • Concentrate your sales force on large accounts
  • Happy customers because of great customer service

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • Organizations can offer unbeatable tools for managing customer relationships that improve interaction with their clients, and provide convenience that provides a quick and simple means for customers to engage with your company without restrictions, for instance, receiving feedback from customers and queries

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