How To Obtain a Water Permit Legislation In China

How To Obtain a Water Permit Legislation In China

  • To provide water to the individual or unit (hereinafter called the applicant) must be approved by the authority that approves to apply. Applications made using a variety of sources, as well as the different sources of approval for water permit authority should be the authority that approves to the top authority to submit.
  • Permissions to manage the water basin agency that submits water intake locations of the provinces municipalities, autonomous regions, and water administrative departments to be considered. Provinces municipalities, autonomous regions, and provinces water administration departments will be advised within 20 working days after the date of submission, together with all applications materials to be sent to the river basin management authorities Watershed management agencies after receiving the application must be in compliance to the Regulations.
  • Construction projects require water. the applicant should also provide proof that the construction projects that have approved construction project units. They must submit a prepared water evidence. The report should include evidence of that the water has a water content that the water is safe and the environmental impact and so on.
  • Local governments, other than department of county administration or river basin water management authorities are entitled to five working days following the date of the application to water examination of the application materials and manage different scenarios. was based on:
  • The application materials are correct and comply with the prescribed form, are within the authority’s scope accepts, is accepted;
  • Applications submitted with incomplete materials or content that is not filled in, inform the applicant to correct the application;
  • is not within the authority’s scope. accepts, notify the authority applying to be informed that it has been granted permission to apply.

Documents that are required Obtain a Water Permit Legislation

  • The application
  • The third stake is mentioned in instruction
  • If the document is part of the project, make sure you provide the appropriate archives documents

Office Locations and Contacts

River Basin Commission

How To Obtain a Water Permit Legislation In China
How To Obtain a Water Permit Legislation In China

Local Services

What Are All The Eligibility

To be able to use water facilities, individuals must submit an application to obtain water permits and pay the water charge.


Water abstraction permits are produced by the Unified administration department of the State Council, the approving authority for water permits can is not charged a fee.


The validity period of water licenses typically five years, with the maximum is 10 years. Water unit or person will expire in 45 days after the initial exam and approval authority to be in effect for the duration of the approval authority originally issued will, prior to expiration date, make the decision whether or not to renew.


  • The term”water” is used to describe the utilization of water resources in water-related projects or facilities that are that are accessible directly via lakes, rivers, or even underground.
  • Administrations that are above county-level administrative departments as per the classification of water management authorities are responsible for coordinating the operation and oversight of the water licensing systems.

The Information You Need

  • The name of the applicant (name) address;
  • The motives behind the application
  • The beginning time and the duration of the water
  • Water-related purposes, the amount of water, for instance water every month throughout the year.
  • Water and water-related locations;
  • Water method, measurement methods and measures to conserve water;
  • The place and the retreat back the main contaminants in wastewater and water treatment methods.

Documentation is needed

The department of water administration of the state in the country to identify the main rivers, lakes and the river basin management agencies established (hereinafter called Watershed Management Agencies) in line with the the laws and the department of water management under the supervision of the State Council authorized the organization is responsible for the implementation of the water permit systems within the jurisdictional area and oversight and management.

Information that could be helpful

The following scenarios do not require water licenses:

  • rural collective economic association as well as its member organizations to make use of the collective economic institutions of the pond and the reservoir’s water;
  • family life , and occasionally backyard captivity, other small livestock drinking water sources;
  • to ensure underground construction security and mine production safety , it must be taken to create a an urgent (row) from water.
  • To reduce the safety of the public or hurt the public interest by utilizing temporary emergency water source;
  • for drought relief and for the maintenance of the ecological and environmental needs of water for emergencies.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The water permit must include the following components:

  • water unit or personal nom (name);
  • Water period;
  • the amount of water used and the amount of water used;
  • Water type;
  • water sites, water withdrawal and water ways back and back water.

External Links

The People’s Republic China Water Law

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People’s Republic of China Ministry of Water Resources


The applicant is formally approved by the approving authority the applicant prior to the building of water facilities or projects. The State must approve the project or approved construction projects. water projects that have not received approval documents, project authorities need to be approved, as well as the approval of approval of the project.



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