How to Obtain a Written Approval to Drill a Petroleum Well In Uganda

Obtain a Written Approval to Drill a Petroleum Well In Uganda By Yourself

  1. In order to obtain a written permission to for a petroleum-related well to be drilled The applicant must contact the authority of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development with a full document on the technique to be used, an estimated time frame on the project, the materials to be utilized and the safety measures that will be used during drills of the well.Visit their website at the next page Link
    • The Act stipulates that operators are not allowed to conduct a well drilling without the written consent from Authority. Authority..
  2. Visit the office to obtain an official written confirmation from the department in question.
  3. Contact the official at the office regarding the documents that should be included along with the completed application form. Fill out the application as needed with the relevant information and specifics.
  4. When you have completed the application form according to the requirement to apply, attach the necessary documents along with the completed application form.
  5. Be sure to pay the fee according to the requirements. Then the application form along with the supporting documents will be sent to different verification processes and verification.
  6. The Commissioner grants written authorization to extract petroleum from the well, in accordance with the rules enacted by this Act.
  7. When all the procedures are completed and the required documents are completed Your application will then be approved , and a formal permission to drill for petroleum in the underground wells will be given without prior notice.

Required Documents For Obtain a Written Approval to Drill a Petroleum

  • The completed Application Form must be included on the Application Form.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation should be included on the application form.
  • A verified copy of the Memorandum along with The Articles of Association.
  • A certified True copy of the Form E.should be included
  • A bank draft drawn for Uganda Government. Uganda Government.
  • A copy of the bank Draft must be included on the application form.
  • A copy of current Declaration of Tax Clearance.
  • A VAT Certificate from URA must be included on the application form.
  • A Company Profile that outlines the short background of the company.
  • A complete Staff List and Curriculum Vitae of the most important staff,
  • A list of equipment facilities to be utilized by the business should be included on the application
  • DRP Endorsed Demand for Expatriate Quota
  • The Training Programme for Ugandan Staff that is constantly improving the staff
  • The registration is done by a professional body for petroleum products.
  • A copy of the technical agreement of MOU signed with Ugandan firm/laboratory accredited by DPR.
  • The current policy on workers compensation should be included to the application form.
  • Community Affairs, Health, Safety Security and Environment
  • Current Medical and Retainers’-hip contract with the hospital or clinic
  • Copies of the company IDs of employees who handle the business should be included to the application form.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
Phone: +256 414 320714
Physical address: Plot 21-29 Johnston Road
Mailing Address P.O. Box 9, Entebbe, Uganda
Email Address:,
Website: link
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding holidays and weekends)


  • All other parties and companies that wish to drill for oil in Uganda.
  • Any business that meets the requirements and conditions that are prescribed at any time by pertinent Institutions is able to apply to be granted or awarded of a lease or contract depending on the situation be, for the petroleum drilling and the production of petroleum to management of petroleum resources. Management of Petroleum Resources.


  • The license fee needed for an approved written authorization to drill a oil wells is 10,000 US dollars.


  • The Valid time is typically three years, and a renewal is needed.

Processing Time

  • The Processing Time Maximum is normally 60 working days.


  • Each well will be identified with a distinctive designation, that the licensee must get the prior written approval from the Authority. Authority

The Information You Need

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant. (If corporation, give the name of the corporation, its registered office address, and the place where it was formed).
  • Tax Identification Number/VAT Registration Certificate.
  • Status of ownership as a corporate entity (sole proprietorship partnership, partnership, unincorporated business an incorporated private or public company associative or co-operative)
  • In the event that the corporation is registered outside of Uganda it must provide proof of its place of operation in Uganda and registration as a foreign corporation in accordance with.
  • Proposed site of the project (District county, parish, sub parish, village, and county)
  • The size of the Plot (in Hectares) on which the facility will be built.
  • Date for the start of construction.
  • Estimated date for completion of the project.
  • Name, address and qualifications of the potential principle contractors and supervisors to be employed for the project or company to undertake the construction/modification.
  • A proof of or commitment to insurance coverage to guard against third-party liability and any other construction-related liabilities.
  • A description of the plan as well as the amount of capital investment, which is backed by the Bank Reference Letter.
  • Description of safety plans equipment, plans and procedures to protect health and safety in the workplace safety, environmental and industrial safety in the course of regular construction work and plans of contingency for natural disasters, accidents and other emergencies.
  • Other information that is pertinent to this application

Need to have the Document

  • To permit the person who wants to drill a petroleum wells in Uganda is required to do so, they must have the written consent of the person. This is to guarantee that there are safety standards in place and also to control the drilling of oil wells in the region. The Ministry of Energy and mineral development has stipulated that anyone who wants to drill petroleum must make an application in writing prior to any action is carried out.

Information that could be helpful

  • The operator is required to give the Authority an adequate notification

of the operator’s plan to close the operation.

  • The closing or plugging of a well can be done only after the written approval by the Authority in a way that is approved by the Authority.
  • The definition of a well will be specified in regulations

created pursuant to the provisions of this Act and must include an indication of the reservoir, prospect or field where the well will be drilled, and the serial number, which specifies the chronological order of the sequence of drilling for the field or prospect.

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