How to Obtain Aerodrome Licence In Uganda

Obtain Aerodrome Licence In Uganda By Online

Aerodrome Licence Aerodrome Licence serves a safety function for a regulatory reason.

  1. To apply for an aerodrome licence, the applicant must get in touch with to the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Submit on a form as prescribed from the Authority.
    • Attach copies of the Aerodrome Manual and a layout of the Aerodrome.
    • Add an assessment of the environmental impacts.
    • Attach the approval certificate from the relevant authority.
    • Demonstrate financial capability.
  2. The applicant must ensure that an aerodrome guideline, which includes all pertinent information about the aerodrome’s location, facilities equipment, services operating procedures, organisation and management, including the safety management system is presented to the Authority for approval or acceptance prior to the granting of the aerodrome certificate.
  3. The Authority when it is certified by the document submitted will issue an Aerodrome Licence in the prescribed format and in the manner it is satisfied that the Authority is satisfied that-
    a)the applicant is able to demonstrate the competence and experience required to run and manage an aircraft.
    b)the staff of the applicant is adequate in numbers and have the required experience and competence to run as well as maintain the aerodrome.
    c)the aerodrome handbook that is prepared for the aerodrome and included to the application includes all of the pertinent details.
    d)the aerodrome equipment, facilities and services are designed in accordance with the approved guidelines and accepted standards.
    e)the aerodrome operating procedure makes sufficient provisions to ensure the security of aircrafts.
    f)an approved safety management system for safety is in an approved safety management system is in.
    g)the applicant is a member of an approved aviation security plan in line to the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations.
  4. The issuance of certificates is subject to the compliance with the Regulations and the standards set by the Authority and any other conditions as might be stipulated or announced to the Authority in conformity with the requirements for safety audits and inspections.
  5. The Authority may deny an applicant a certificate and if the Authority decides to refuse, it must inform an applicant, in writing of the reasons behind the decision not more than 14 days after the decision.

Required Documents For Obtain Aerodrome Licence

  1. There are two copies of the Aerodrome manual.
  2. The aerodrome’s plan.
  3. A report on environmental impact assessments.
  4. The approval of any authority relevant.
  5. Evidence of financial capacity.
  6. Details of any non-compliance or deviation from aerodrome’s design, operation or equipment specifications.
  7. Details of the requirements for airspace classification; and the charges that are prescribed from the Authority in the Aeronautical
  8. Information Publication (AIP) or the Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC).

Office Locations and Contact

Uganda Civil Aviation AuthorityAirport Road-Entebbe,
P.O.Box 5536 Kampala, Uganda
+256 312 352 000/041-320964
Fax: 256-41320964
Telex 61508 CAA U


  • A person who is applying for an Aerodrome License for an aircraft must be able to meet the full qualifications specified in Civil Aviation Authority of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Regulations 27.


Aerodrome Licence renewal or inspection grant in the form of an Aerodrome Licence. Code No. code letter reference length

  1. A Less Than 80M
  2. B 80m, up to 1200M, but not including it.
  3. C 1200M, up to however not counting 1800M
  4. D 1800M and Above.

These are the costs that are due each year to organizations or individuals that are creating a private Aerodrome in accordance with the rules above.

  • Inspection fees A-250,0000,B-300,000,C-350,000,D-400,000
  • Certificate fees A- 50,000,B-75,000,C-100,000,D-150,000

Searching for the aircraft register or any other register that is 20,000


  • A certificate is valid for an entire year, except when it is cancelled, suspended, or revoked according to regulations of UCAA. Regulations that are in force at UCAA.

Processing Time

  • Processing time: 14 Working days..


  • A certificate is granted subject to conditions set or imposed by an Authority.
  • The Authority will approve on a certification the requirements for use of an aerodrome as well as other information that is required by the Authority.
  • The person cannot operate an aerodrome, even an aerodrome of category A without a certification issued by the Authority in conformity to this Part.
  • A certificate for an aerodrome issued under these Regulations cannot be transferred.
  • Any person who is in violation of this law commits an infraction and is subject, upon conviction to a fine of not exceeding forty-eight points of currency or to imprisonment of not more than twenty-four months, or both.

Requirements Information

  1. Aircraft operators
  2. Approved maintenance organisations
  3. Organizations that are responsible for the manufacturing and design of aircraft
  4. Air traffic Services

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