How to Obtain Air Traffic Controller License In Uganda

Obtain Air Traffic Controller License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To get the Air Traffic Controller License, you must complete and submit the required application form.
  2. The form is available by going to the Personnel Licensing (PEL) Offices of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority’s Offices of the UCAA
  3. Once you have completed the application, you will be required to send documents to Authority’s Personnel Licensing (PEL) offices.
  4. It is mandatory to fill out your Air Traffic Controllers License application O-PEL-100 along with the necessary documents in order to receive approval to pay the fees for application. These documents include:
    • A valid class 3 medical certification;
    • A report on the knowledge test handed out following the Rating Board;
    • A Authorized Training Organization Certificate certifying that the applicant has attended and successfully completed an approved training program in the field of air traffic control.
    • Two current passport size photos (full facial);
    • An identification card with a photo or Passport.
  5. The officers who receive the application will look for ineligibility or discrepancies in the documents submitted to them for application. If a discrepancy which cannot be fixed immediately appears on any document, then the entire application along with all documents submitted are returned to the candidate. They will not be accepted until the discrepancy is fixed.
  6. If the officer receiving the Licence finds that conditions have been satisfied for the issuance of a Licence, and the prescribed application form is completed and submitted to the Personnel Licensing (PEL) Office the applicant is instructed to settle the prescribed application fee following which the Licence will be issued.
  7. Additionally, you are required to pay the required application fees and then submit the receipt of payment along with the application documents.
    • A fee for applications is charged to obtain the issue to the licence.
  8. A processing time of seven days is required for the process of processing your Air Traffic Controllers’ Licence application. following which you will be notified via phone call to pick up your new license from the office of the UCAA’s Personnel Licensing offices.
  9. You’ll need to bring your identification documents at the time you collect the new permit.

Required Documents For Obtain Air Traffic Controller License

  • A valid medical certificate of Class 3 medical card.
  • A test of knowledge.
  • An identification card with a photo or Passport.
  • Aeronautical experience and knowledge requirements for the air control ratings for traffic engineers.
  • A ATO Certificate certifying that the applicant has completed and passed an approved course of training for air traffic controllers.
  • At minimum 21 years old.
  • Be aware of the requirements of the rules.
  • Prove the ability to write, read, and speak and comprehend the English language, in line with the requirements for language proficiency without a speech impediment that could interfere with two-way radio communication.
  • Information requirements to be met for the issuance ATC License. ATC License.
  • Documents that prove the personal experiences outlined upon the Form.
  • The prescribed fee.
  • Two passport-sized photos of the present (full facial).

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Aviation AuthorityAirport Road Entebbe International Airport
P.O. Box 5536 Entebbe, Uganda
+256 312/414 352000
Email Address:
Web site: link


  1. A person applying seeking an air-traffic controller’s license must:
  2. At minimum 21 years old;
  3. Have a valid Health Certificate Class 3.
  4. Have completed a recognized training course with at least three (3) months of satisfying service in the actual management of traffic in the air under supervision by an air traffic controller (OJT).This will be confirmed with the issue of a certificate of completion by the ATO. The requirements above must have been completed during the six months preceding the application to obtain the ATC license.
  5. You must pass an English Language Proficiency exam and achieve either
    • Operating Niveau (Level 4) This level is good for 3 years.
    • Advanced Niveau (Level 5) Available for 6 years
    • Expert-level (Level 6) Valid for Life
  6. Meet the requirements for qualifications, experience, training and assessment requirements to obtain at minimum one air traffic controller’s rating.
  7. You must pass an English Language Proficiency exam and achieve either
    • Operations Niveau (Level 4) This level is good for 3 years.
    • Advanced Niveau (Level 5) Available for 6 years
    • Expert level (Level 6) Valid for life


  • Application Fees: None
  • License Fee $500,000


Validity: Validity time is determined by the time period that is indicated on the medical certificate.

  • A person who is younger than 40 years old 2 years
  • A person who is over 40 years old age: 1 year

Documents to Utilize

The form to apply for the issue to an Air Traffic Controllers’ License can be downloaded from the Authority’s personnel licensing (PEL) office. The “Application for Issue of An Air Traffic Controllers License ‘ ‘ can be obtained from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority’s Offices for Personnel Licensing.

Document Samples

Application Form

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Month


  • The purpose of This certificate is guarantee that the standards for aviation safety are met.

Requirements Information

  • Full names
  • Physical and postal addresses
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • The name of the Approved Training Organization where you received instruction
  • Details of Licences already in force (Place and Date of Issue, Type of Licence Number, Expiry Date, and Date of Issue )
  • If not yet checked for or obtained a medical certification according to regulations of the Civil Aviation Regulations
  • Are you able to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language, in accordance with requirements of the English language proficiency standards from the Civil Aviation Regulations.
  • If you’ve satisfied all the conditions for issue of this license
  • Declaration
  • Signing of the Applicant
  • Date of application

The Document is required

  • Air traffic control helps to differentiate aircraft in a safe manner – both in the air as they fly and at runways they touch down before they take off.
  • Air traffic controllers offer instructions, guidance and instructions to pilots to ensure they are able to fly safe effectively and swiftly. Controllers monitor flights using radars and the most up-to-date computers.

Information that can be useful

Air traffic controllers rating as follows:

  1. Aerodrome Control Rating; oversee or provide the delivery for the provision of Air traffic Service for all aircraft flying within the maneuvering zone of an aerodrome, and for any aircraft operating within the vicinity of an aerodrome to which the holders are rated. Towers (with the Aerodrome or “Airport Control”) rating is likely to be competent in all aspects related to tower operations , including:
    • Clearance Delivery (issuing IFR clearances as issued by Approach Control or assigning transponder codes)
    • Ground Control (issuing approvals for aircrafts to transfer between the runway area and the apron by taxiway systems
    • Air Control (issuing permissions to aircraft within the runway area and near the airport)
  2. Approach Control Procedural Rate; to oversee or provide the air traffic control services to control the arrival, departure and transiting flights controlled to the aerodrome, or aerodromes, for where the licensee is graded within the airspace or a portion of it, subject to the authority of the unit that provides the service of approach control or
  3. ARRANGEMENT RADAR CONTROL RATING to oversee or facilitate the supply of approach control services using the use of radars or other systems of surveillance for the aerodromes or aerodromes where an individual’s license is graded within the airspace or the airspace under the authority of the entity that provides approach control services Terminal Controllers control the traffic within the area of radar terminals (30-50 miles) away from an airport.
  4. Area Control Procedural rating; to oversee or provide the supply for air traffic management services for controlled flights within control zones under its authority within the control zone or a portion of the control zone in which the holder of the license is rated;
  5. A.R.C.R. To ensure or supervise the delivery of area control services through Radar within the control zone or a portion of the control zone where the license holder is classified.
    • After the aircraft departs the terminal The Area Controller, sometimes referred to as”en-route control” takes over.

Notification: The Approach Control Procedural and Area Control Procedural ratings indicate that surveillance equipment is not utilized when offering air traffic control based on these ratings.

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