How to Obtain an Easement Certificate In Uganda

Obtain an Easement Certificate In Uganda By Online

  1. The owner of water permits who would like to supply water to, or to drain water from his or her property over property owned or occupied an other person can make an application for creating an easement for the property.
  2. To get the Affiliation Certificate in Uganda applicants must make contact with to the Directorate of Water Resources Management, Ministry of Water and Environment or email the Director on the following address:
    The Director
    Directorate of Water Resources Management,
    P.O. Box 19 Entebbe, Uganda.
  3. A request is addressed to the Executive Director of the Directorate of Water resources Management using the prescribed form G 1 (obtainable via the Ministry of Water and Environment).
  4. This form can be obtained for an expense of Shs.10 000, with no processing charge.
  5. If the Applicant was unsuccessful in obtaining an easement in accordance between the landowner or occupier of the property. Director of the Directorate of water resource management is required to invite all parties who have any interest or connection to the property, which includes applicants who would like for a hearing.
  6. After having heard all parties, the director can establish an easement over the property in the prescribed format in the manner that is appropriate.
  7. If the application of the applicant is approved, applicants will to apply for the permit using prescribed form G1 with the required attachments.
  8. Attach all necessary documents and evidence of payment of Ugsh.100,000 before submitting the application in the offices of Director of the Directorate of Water Resource Management.
  9. The Directorate is satisfied with all documents must wait 14 days before granting an easement. The certificate issued under this segment expires six months following the date of its creation. Unless it’s registered with the registry of titles.

Required Documents For Obtain an Easement Certificate

  • A letter of license request directed to the director general of the Directorate of Water resources Management specifying the type of license required.
  • Certificate of the Company
  • A receipt for the application fee
  • Copy of the Statute that has been certified in the case of cooperative societies.
  • The water source to be diverted or usedto:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate (if required).
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Copies of all pertinent contracts, agreements permits or Memorandum of Understanding (if there is one) with the owners of land.
  • The location of the land on which easements and drained waters will take place: (if applicable)
  • Annual Report (if required).
  • Audited Certified Accounts (if applicable). Service Level Agreement (if applicable)/
  • Name of Individual/Association/Company Public Authority”
  • The Tax Clearance Certificate is issued by the URA
  • The Clearance Certificate is issued by URSB

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and EnvironmentDirectorate of Water Resources Management,
Phone: +256 – 414 – 699486
Physical Address 12. Plot Mpigi Road, Entebbe
The address for postal delivery is P.O. Box 19 Entebbe
Jurisdiction: National
Email Address: or
Site: Ministry of water

Operating hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (excluding the public holidays and weekends)


Individual/Association/Company/Public Authority, corporate engaged in the business easement water wells.


Fees for licences Ugsh. 100,000/=


Valid for six Months (six months) (six months) unless registered with the title registrar

Examples of Documents


Processing Time

Maximum processing time of 14 days.


  • The conditions and terms of renewal of permits is left to director of Water to decide.
  • The power of discretion that is open to interpretation cannot only be misused, but also brings an element of uncertainty to the licensing system.

The Information You Need

  • Common name for the source of water.
  • A specific point at which the water is to be diverted, drained or utilized.
  • Water uptake side (when appropriate):
  • Right Bank, Left Bank District in which the water uptake is in (when it is applicable):
  • Attach an topographic (indicating the exact location of the intake work)
  • The use or the proposed use of water that has been drained
  • Information on any other structures , such as flumes, siphons, tunnels, etc.
  • The details of the pump that will be connected to the driving machine

Information that could be helpful

A easement granted in this section expires six months from the date of its creation, unless it’s registered with the title registrar.

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