How To Obtain an EU Blue Card In Czech Republic

How To Obtain an EU Blue Card In Czech Republic

  • The application of the EU Blue Card must be completed by a person who is an international citizen at an Czech embassie and in some cases at an MOI office within the Czech Republic, for applicants who are already in the Czech Republic on a long-term visa or long-term residence permit or are holders of the Blue Card issued by another EU state, and who apply within a month prior to arrival in the Czech Republic .
  • Please fill out your request form.
  • Fill out the application with the other documents required. Failure to submit the requested documents could be grounds for dismissing your application. In the course of procedure, you could be required to submit other documents you believe are important to the review on your applications. Keep in mind that travel documents should be presented in person.
  • If your application is accepted after it has been approved by the Ministry of Interior, the office will reach you via phone and schedule a time to give you your long-term residence permit , also known as a Blue Card. If you are not contactable via telephone then you will be contacted to write to send a letter to the address you specified on the application form as your the contact number. If you submit your application via an Czech Embassy abroad The embassy will ask you to show up and get a visa to allow an extended period of 90 days to the point of getting an residency permission
    How To Obtain an EU Blue Card In Czech Republic
    How To Obtain an EU Blue Card In Czech Republic

     Blue Card. The residence permit Blue Card will be issued as a biometric residence card. information. Prior to issuance of the residence permit, Blue Card you will receive an acknowledgement that you have met the requirements for the Blue Card. This will confirm that you’re eligible to live within the CR and work prior to the time that the residence permit – Blue Card that has biometric information is issued.

  • After reviewing your application for the Blue Card, the Ministry of Interior will inform your employer that they have satisfied the requirements to be granted the Blue Card.
  • If there is an unfavourable assessment of your application for the EU Blue Card to the Ministry of Interior, you will be informed of the rejection of your application via mail to the address listed on the application as the contact information. You can appeal to contest this decision within 15 days after the date you receive the decision. The appeal can be filed in person or by mail at the Ministry of Interior office. Should the Ministry of Interior does not discover your arguments against the decision as the reason to alter their decision, then it’ll send all the documents relevant to the processing of your request to the Commission for the purpose of deciding on matters concerning the residence of foreigners who will then make a decision and then submit the matter for the minister of the Interior for his decision. You will be informed of the decision from The Minister of Interior.

Documents Required Obtain an EU Blue Card

  • The completed application form
  • A travel document
  • A document that confirms that accommodation is guaranteed for the duration of time within the Czech Republic
  • The Applicant’s photo
  • Contract of employment to ensure the execution of a job that requires an advanced level of expertise for a period of at least one calendar year and for the hours of work per week set by law. The contract should also include an amount for the monthly gross or annual wage equal to at minimum 1.5 times the annual average gross wage that is stated in an announcement by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA)
  • Documents that prove the highest skill level (documents about the education level attained) These documents should be acknowledged as such.
  • In the case of a controlled job, a certificate confirming that the job is in compliance with the requirements required for the task is required. (Note that the Ministry will decide regarding this EU Blue Card after the appropriate recognition authority has issued its opinion.)
  • If, prior to filing for the Blue Card in the Czech Republic you resided within the CR as the Holder of an Blue Card issued by another EU member state, you will be required to provide an evidence of the total annual income for your entire family (in the case of unification of your family)
  • In order to obtain an extended-term visa with the purpose of obtaining the permanent residence permit blue Card You are required to provide evidence of medical insurance for travel during the time period that begins from when you enter the CR until the date you become covered under public health insurance. You must also present simultaneously the proof of payment of the insurance cost that is stated on the certificate of medical insurance for travel. If you’re applying for a visa within the CR you must provide this document electronically.

Other documents that applicants may be required to include with their application:

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the Interior

Nad tolou 3170 01, Prague 7
Czech Republic

Postbox 21
Prague 7 Letn
170 34

Telephone: +420 974 811 111 (switchboard operator)
Fax: +420 974 833 582

Passports, ID cards, and passports
Telephone: +420 974 817 20 / +420 974 849 788

Identification numbers
Telephone: +420 974 817 203


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Main Building – Czernin Palace
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Loretnsk nm?st 5
118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Consular and Legalisation Services – Tuscany Palace
Hrad?ansk nm?st 5
118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Diplomatic Academy Building
Ryt?sk 31
110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday: 7:45am to 4:15pm
Contact number: +420-224 181 Contact phone: +420 224 181

Czech Missions Abroad

What Are All The Eligibility

Individuals who intend to remain on the Czech Republic for a period more than three months and who are employed in a position that requires the highest level of skill and, in addition the job must be, in accordance with the Czech Employment Act, open to foreign nationals who are not EU citizens and may apply for an “Blue” Card.

The applicant should not be:

  • when submitting the application for a long-term residence permit to be used for the purposes of scientific research
  • An EU family member of the citizen who is an EU citizen lives in the CR,
  • If you are a resident of an EU member state and are currently in possession of an Czech long-term residence permit purposes of work or business ( 42c),
  • A foreign national who is residing within the CR on the basis of a legally binding international agreement that permits the entry and residence of certain types of natural people in connection to investing and doing business,
  • A foreigner who is resident within the CR on the basis of a residence permit granted to temporary workers or
  • A foreign worker who is contracted by an employer from the other EU member state and sent to work in the CR as part of international services.
  • an international protection seeker via asylum or someone who is granted refugee status or a person who has been granted the status of subsidiary protection

An applicant for a residence permit purposes of temporary protection within the CR or for a foreign national who already has the permit.


EU Blue Cards have an expiration date which is three months longer than the duration during which the employment contract was signed. However, the maximum validity period is two years. Blue Card can be renewed.

Documents to Utilize

Formulary to get the EU Blue Card

Processing Time

The Ministry of the Interior will determine the application you submit for an EU Blue Card within a period of 90 days.


The final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the EU Blue Card is being taken by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of the Interior.

The Document is required Obtain an EU Blue Card

  • A EU Blue Card can be described as an innovative residential status that is designed to allow a stay of a longer duration. The holders of this kind of card have to be involved in the performing of highly skilled jobs ( 42i in the Act on the residence of Foreign Nationals). The completion of a university degree or higher vocational school with a duration that was not less than 3 years, is considered to be a high-level of expertise.
  • The EU Blue Card entitles a foreign national to remain and work in the Czech Republic without the need of an additional work permit.



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