How To Obtain an Organization Code Certificate In China

How To Obtain an Organization Code Certificate In China

The newly-established company within 15 days of having been granted approval to be established and registered with the relevant administrations, must submit an application for the NOC certificate from the relevant Quality and Technical Supervision Department together with the relevant documents

Documents that are required Obtain an Organization Code Certificate

  • Photocopies of the duplicate Rep Offices SAIC registration certificate (the photocopy must be on each side of the registration certificate);
  • Photocopies of Rep Office’s the CIRC Approval Certificate
  • The official seal of Rep Offices (the seal that was approved by the Local Public Security Bureau approved for it) as well as
  • Photoscopies from the Chief Representative’s and the person who has been assigned to complete registration for the NOC procedure for registration passports

Office Locations and Contacts

China National Institute of StandardizationAddress: No.4 Zhi Chun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Telephone: 010-58811301
Postcode: 100088

National Administration for Organization Code Allocation
Address: No.46 Yuzhongxili Yumin road, West District, Beijing, China
The postal code is 100029.
Contact Number (+86-10) 632389023 / +86-10) 82994786
Telephone Number (+86-10)6238902 3 82994786
The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30–11:30 , and 13:30–16:00.

What Are All The Eligibility

The newly established organization is accepted to be registered or registered , by associated administrations

Processing Time

It generally takes around five working days to receive the Certificate following the submission of an application has been filed.


  • The certificate cannot be borrowed, rented or transferred, violated or altered, forgery, altered, or transacted illegally.
  • If the registration details in the certificate undergo changes, the change must be made through the an authority that issued the certificate.
  • Every organization must follow the relevant guidelines to be able to accept an annual inspection carried out by the issuing authority.
  • If an organisation is defunct or dissolved, the cancellation of registration must be done with the original authority issuing the certificate and the code certification will be returned.

The Information You Need

  • Code
  • Name of the Organization
  • Address
  • Expiry Date
  • Issue
  • Registered Number:

The Document is required Obtain an Organization Code Certificate

Organization Code of the Peoples Republic of China is the sole and only legal code mark that is used to identify an organization that is located in the area of the Peoples Republic of China. Code certificates are the document for an organization’s legal code mark. It’s issued in both original and duplicate.

Information that can be useful

Note: Passports are requested for citizens of other countries. Exit-Entry permits are required for visitors of Hong Kong and Macau; mainland travel permits will be required for Taiwan residents. Army ID cards will be required for military personnel.
If you want to change your name, the Name Changing certification with an official seal from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce is required.

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The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the Notification to Foreign News Agencies permanently stationed in China to apply for an Organization Code Certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2004. Since then, NOC was used to determine the foreign news organizations that are based in China that was an important breakthrough in the use of NOC.



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