How To Obtain Annual China Crew Visa In China

How To Obtain Annual China Crew Visa In China

The applicant can submit their visa application to the embassy personally or asks an agency for travel to submit on behalf of the applicant. You can make a reservation in advance through the website of the embassy for submission. It is possible that you will be required to visit the Chinese Consulate General for an interview, if the Chinese Consulate-General feels it is essential. The applicants may apply for visas through post service too.

Documents Required Obtain Annual China Crew Visa

  • Original passport that has at least two visa blanks, and the photocopy of their visa (photo of page). Single entry visas passports, passports must remain valid for at minimum 6 months. For a double entry visa passports, they must be valid for at minimum 9 months.
  • A filled out Visa Application Form with a recent passport photo taken in color (no veiling, hat or hat) and affixed to it. The application form must be completed with authentic information. If the applicant is an Chinese name it is essential that the Chinese name must be filled in. False or insufficient information, as well as unreadable handwriting could result in the denial of visa.
  • Candidates who haven’t traveled to mainland China and are not able to be able to provide copies of the photos of the passport page and other identification documents, e.g. previous passport, driver license, etc. applicants under the age of 16 may be exempted.
  • If you have applied for Chinese visa(s) previously they apply, must submit copies of their most the most recent Chinese visas along with an entry record. If they’re not in the passport currently duplicates of the previous passport that has the above details are required.
  • Foreign nationals that once had Chinese nationality,
    • those who are applying to apply for a Chinese visa for the very first time must submit the previous Chinese passport (the Consulate General will not renew the validity of the passport) and a SAR passport of HK/Macau, Taiwan travel document.
    • If you have been granted Chinese visa(s) prior to that , must comply with the requirements of “(iv)” is required.
  • Official visa application letters from their firm or visa notice provided by an official department in China.

Office Locations and Contacts

The People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Public SecurityAddress No. 14 East Chang An Avenue,
Beijing Zip: 100741
Contacts of Municipal Public Security Bureaus of China
Chinese Missions Overseas

How To Obtain Annual China Crew Visa In China
How To Obtain Annual China Crew Visa In China

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreign crew members from means of international transportation, which includes ships, trains, and aircraft or drivers of motor vehicles operating in cross-border transport as well as to the family members of crew members of the mentioned vessels.


  • C Visas are granted in accordance with specific bilateral visa agreements in the event that there are train employees crew members on planes, as well as seamen aboard ships of international transports.
  • If there aren’t bilateral visa agreements, or any other kind Double or single entry visas can be granted.
  • Crew members who work on private or charter aircrafts are required to apply for visas together with letters of business from the company they are employed by. Only once the flight permits have been obtained from the appropriate Chinese authority can these crew visas become effective.

The Information You Need

  • Personal Information
  • Information on Travel
  • Other Information
  • Declaration& Signature
  • If the application form was filled out by someone else on behalf of the applicant please complete the details of the person who completed the form.

The Document is required Obtain Annual China Crew Visa

  • This visa is given to crew members from foreign countries of ships, trains, and aircraft vessels, as well as motor vehicle drivers who are engaged in trans-border transportation and to those who accompany family members.
  • Be aware that the kind of visa and the length of visit is determined by the sole discretion of Chinese Embassy, who will issue you the visa that they believe is the most appropriate in all conditions (especially the supporting documents available).

Information that can be useful

  • The applicant must ensure that the information in the application are true and accurate. False, misleading or incorrect information could cause denial of visa or denial admission into China.
  • The invitation letter can be delivered in the form of photocopy, fax or a computer printout. The applicant might be required to provide an original invitation and additional supporting documents or arrange an interview at the office of consular officers.
  • The consular officer will take the decision on whether or not to issue the visa, as well as the allowed validity for the duration of stay as well as the number of entries, based on the individual’s application.

Other uses of the document/certificate

China Crew Visa (C visa) is issued to crew members of foreign nationals who are using methods of international transport, including trains, aircraft and ships as well as motor vehicle drivers involved in cross-border transportation. Additionally, it is issued to the relatives of members on the crew.

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Crew Visas – C Visas

Single Entry – Maximum time of stay is based on the circumstances

Multi entry is only accessible to certain people, maximum time of entry depends on the conditions.



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