How to Obtain Authorization Certificate to Import Dangerous Waste In Ivory Coast

Obtain Authorization Certificate to Import Dangerous Waste In Ivory Coast By Online

  • The applicant should collect all required document (listed in the following) and then visit at the Directorate of Industrial Waste and Chemical Substances (DDISC) office.
  • Inform the desk for registration or service, take the Authorization Application form, and complete it correctly.
  • Send the completed form and the necessary document, whether physical at the office at the Directorate General for the Environment or through the Mail Service of the Ministry of Environment.
  • The DDISC will send one of its inspectors to premises for an inspection to determine whether Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Disposal Practice (GDP) and Good Transportation Practice (GTP) when it comes to storage, reuse, removal and dispatch of products is being followed.
  • The report’s findings is given to applicants and should any modifications or upgrade is required, Corrective Action and Preventive Action Report (CAPA) report will be issued and you will have to fix the issue.
  • After the successful implementation of the CAPA Following the successful implementation of the CAPA, a follow-up audit can be conducted by the inspectors to assess the efficacy of the process (where appropriate).
  • The report states that the application that it will be sent on to the national committee for Analyzing of trans-boundary Waste Movements Files which meets about 4 times per year to look over every application.
  • In the event that the committee finds all the requirements to file the application have been met, your application will be deemed to be approved.
  • You will be informed of the result via mail or telephone and will be issued the authorization certificate issued by the registry.

Required Documents For Obtain Authorization Certificate to Import Dangerous Waste

  • A letter of authorization adressing the minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development;
  • Information about the Company specifically:
  • These are the Articles of Association.
  • An original copy of the Trade Register with the nature of the business as the subject.
  • It is the CNPS certification (National Social Security Fund).
  • Certificate of Tax Certificate.
  • The photocopy is accompanied by the Original document National Identity Card or the Certificate of Identity or the Passport of the person (s) accountable of the Company.
  • It is the Identity Photo of the responsible person (s) of the Company.
  • The Judicial Record is under three (3) months prior to the individual (s) accountable to the Company.
  • The geographical location of the company.
  • It is the Certificate of Insurance.
  • It is the Notification of the Notification Trans-boundary Movements of Waste Paper .
  • Information on the waste that is to be imported Particularly:
  • The form for prior identification of waste.
  • Security measures for transport.
  • A description of the Packaging.
  • Report on the Transport Route Report.
  • The Financial Guarantee is for use by the Ministry responsible for the Environment.
  • The contract binds the requesting Company to the company that will be receiving the waste (in the case the waste is exported) as well as to the company that originated the waste (in the case of the import).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Directorate General of Environment
Directorate of Infrastructures and Environmental Technologies
Address: Abidjan – Plateau Cite Administrative, Tour D, 25th floor
20 BP 700 Abidjan 20
Tel: (+225) 20 21 06 23
Fax: (+225) 20 21 04 95
Website: Link
  • Department of Industrial Waste Management and Chemical Substance (DDISC)
  • Address: Abidjan Address: Abidjan Cocody Riviera Near the French high school

Tel: (+225) 09 15 72 40


  • Natural or legal individuals/businesses/companies that wish to import Dangerous Waste in Ivory Coast can apply.


  • There are no fees associated with the service.


It is good for one calendar year and can be renewed every year thereafter.

Processing Time

The National Committee meets 4 times every year to look over and approve Hazardous waste transfer authorizations.

Requirements Information


  • Background information
  • Full legal name of the applicant/company/business
  • Contact details (Mailing/email Address, telephone/fax number)
  • Address (physical physical location) of the premises that is to be licensed.

Information about Chemicals/Waste

  • Reasons for the request
  • Chemical name/waste
  • Trade name
  • The disposal condition of chemicals/waste
  • Packaging
  • Quantity of waste to be disposed (l/kg)
  • Physical state of the chemical/waste(solid/liquid/other please specify)
  • Disposal method (landfill or incineration Please indicate)
  • Where to dispose of it
  • Define any special treatment or procedure that was used prior to disposal or re-use
  • Please specify the date and the date of disposal


The Document is required

Any business or company that wants to import hazardous waste from Ivory Coast should be registered and have a licence from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate of Industrial Waste and Chemical Substances (DDISC)

Information that could be helpful

Note: any additional information is available by contacting the Basel Convention focal point at the below email addresses:


External Links

Link (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development) Link (Basel Convention)



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