How to Obtain Authorization for Industrial Installation In Benin

Obtain Authorization for Industrial Installation In Benin By Online

  1. The applicant must visit The Ministry of Industry and Commerce Please refer to the office location and contact section’ below for contact information.
  2. Visit the office of Office of the Manager Pay the fee according to your investment. You will also receive the official receipt from the Treasury Department.
  3. Go for then the Administrative Secretariat of the Ministry office, gather all the necessary application forms and fill them with precision.
  4. Complete the form and submit it along with supporting documents (as described below under the necessary documents section below) to the agent in charge for verification and recording and get an acknowledgment slip.
  5. The Office of the Director General of Industry will within 7-10 days , send an agent to the place to examine the business and then write a recommendation on the list needed equipment’s to be put in place in order for the business to be able to run.
  6. The application and recommendations will be sent into Director General of Industry Office of the Director General of Industry to be further analyzed and approval before signing.
  7. After reviewing the file and the site inspector’s recommendations , the Director General of Industry will accept the application and provide an industrial installation authorization, with the necessary equipment that must be installed in the industrial facility prior to the start of operation.

Required Documents For Obtain Authorization for Industrial Installation 

  • National identity card
  • Technical information sheet “original”
  • Extracts of the register for trade as well as the property that is movable
  • Company Statutes (simple copy)
  • Title deed or lease contract (simple copy)
  • Certificate of environmental conformity or a letter by DG ABE to inform them of the proposed project (simple copy)
  • Demand made to the minister responsible for commerce (original and simple copies)
  • Receipt from the public treasury (original and simple copy)

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Route de l’Aeoroport, Cotonou
BP 363
Tel: +229 21 30 76 45 / +229 21 30 76 47


  • Companies or individuals who want to set up industrial equipment


Processing fee

  • FCFA 30000 for an investment that is less 20 million or greater than FCFA
  • FCFA $50,000 for an investment of 20 and 500 million FCFA
  • FCFA $100,000 for an investment that is greater than 500 million FCFA

Processing Time

  • The processing time between the various stages of processing is between 8 and 11 days

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • Industry location
  • Information on the types of work the company will be involved in.
  • Invested amount details
  • Identification document details

The Document is required

  • This authorization permit is granted in order to permit the installation of equipment to be used in the field i.e. air ventilation and filter equipment, manufacturing or processing equipment’s that process consumable goods and other items that are routinely or regularly treated or stored.

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    How to Obtain Authorization for Industrial Installation In Benin

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