How to Obtain Business Secretarial Bureau Trading License In Uganda

Obtain Business Secretarial Bureau Trading License In Uganda By Online

  1. Select and complete the business Trading License Application form from any municipality, city, or town Authority in accordance with the requirements of the proper licensing authority.
  2. Once you have completed the form, complete the form and pay the fee that is prescribed at the Bank
  3. Fill out the form and submit it along with the other documents required and attach a copy of pay slips from the bank.
  4. If the application is accepted after which after approval, a Business Secretarial Bureau trading Licence will be issued upon the application.
  5. The licensing authority has the power to refuse to issue the trading Licence without citing a reason, and could cancel any Licence granted when it is convinced that any of the conditions and conditions under those upon which it granted the Licence was granted was in violation.
  6. The business owner is obliged to display a copy the Licence at the place of the business at all at all times.

Required Documents For Obtain Business Secretarial Bureau Trading License

  • Applicant must get Clearance from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives for those who are not nationals.
  • New business: the original registration certificate (Business name)
  • Certificate of incorporation of an (Company)
  • The applicant must obtain approval from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Original receipt from the municipality for the previous year , which indicates the existence of business
  • The initial rent and tenancy contract from the Landlord to the business that is now in operation.
  • Original Trading License issued for the year prior to already operating business.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Trade, Industries and cooperativesP.O. Box 7103 Kampala
6.8 Plot, Parliamentary Avenue
Phone: 0312 324 000/0312 324 268

Ministry of Local Government
Tel: +256-414-341224
Website :

Contact Municipal Council headquarters offices spread across the entire country.

Gulu Municipal Council HQ
District , Local Government Airport road
P.O.BOX 201 Gulu
Phone: +256 751000910
Email Address:

Mbarara Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Lot Number, 12 Galt Road
P. O. Box 290 Mbarara, Uganda
Phone: +256 485420955
Email Address:

Jinja Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Busoga Square
P.O Box , Jinja, Uganda
Email Address:

Entebbe Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Circular Road, Plot 2A Entebbe
. P.O Box 32 Entebbe, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 489 466
Email Address:

Bushenyi District Local Authorities
District Local Government Mbarara – Kasese road.
P.O Box 01 Bushenyi, Uganda
Phone: +256-485-43575
Email Address:

Lira Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Lira Gulu Road
. P.O.Box 49 Lira, Uganda
Phone: +256(0473) 420219
Email Address:

Kasase Municipal Council HQ
Kasese District Local Authority
District Local Authorities Rukooki, Kasese
. P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Phone: +256 392888974
Mail Address: /

Kitgum Municipal Council HQ
District Local Governance Achua County Kitgum
P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Email Address:

Mubende District Local Government
The District Local Government of Mubende Town
P.O Box 93,Mubende Uganda
Phone: +256-392080149
Email Address:

Hoima Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Hoima, Kampala Road
P.O.Box 149, Hoima, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 566776
. Email Address:

Nansana Municipal Council HQ
District Local Governance Nansana Town Wakiso
P.O Box 7218, Kampala Uganda
Phone: +256 702 459893, +256 704 308272
Contact Email:

Masaka Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Plot 11 Elgin Street
P.O.BOX Masaka Masaka
Phone: +256 751000910
Mail Address


The applicant must have reached the age of apparent 18 years, unless the applicant agrees to the satisfaction from the license authority to engage in business partnerships together with at least one people each of whom has attained the apparent age of 18 years.


The owner is required to pay the appropriate licensing fee at the bank. The procedure is as follows: License Fee:

  • (a) Grade I – 112,500 Ugsh
  • (b) (b) II 75,000 Ugsh
  • (c) (c) Grade III 45,000 Ugsh
  • (d) (d) Grade IV (d) Grade IV

Renewal Fee

  • (a) Grade I – 112,500 Ugx
  • (b) (b) II 75,000 Ugx
  • (c) Class III 45,000 Ugx
  • (d) Grad IV 30000 Ugx


Validity: 1 year

Examples of Documents

Application Form

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Day


  • Anyone who holds an trading licence must keep their License displayed in a prominent location on their business premises.

It is unlawful for anyone to trade in any product or conduct any business listed within the Schedule to this Act in the absence of having has a Trading Licence issued to the person for this reason pursuant to this Act. A trading licence is not required in any way to:

  1. The business of a farmer, planter or dairy person, gardener or agriculturist relating to the sale of their own dairy or agricultural products;
  2. A person’s business for goods of a genuine nature created by him or her using their handicraft on or in any location that he or her is residing, or through the craft of people who are living with them or who are employees or are members of their family members;
  3. The business that is carried out in any market that is established pursuant to the Markets Act;
  4. The sale of cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, cigarettes, newspapers books, and no intoxicant liquor or playing cards under the direction of a members or proprietary club, to members on the club’s premises;
  5. Any other type of trade that the Minister could, by the statutory instrument or declaration, determine to be a trade which no licence for trading is required by the Act or
  6. Any business or trade regard to which a separate licence is required by law or any law in writing.

Requirements Information

  1. Names as well as the physical and postal address of the applicant
  2. The Legal Situation of the applicant
  3. List and particulars of Shareholders( if there is any)
  4. Certificate of Registration
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memorandum as well as Articles of Association
  7. Deed of Partnership
  8. Deed of Trust, in the manner is applicable
  9. Information on whether the shareholder has been ever convicted of a crime in Uganda or any other country.
  10. The Directors’ List and the Particulars of Directors.
  11. details if you’ve ever obtained a Licence. You must state the type of Licence, date of issue and the number on the Licence

Information that could be helpful

To determine the amount of fees to be paid in any municipality, city or town, the Mayor will in a statutory decree, divide the territory of each municipality, city or town into classes.

  • Grade I areas that comprise all industrial zones in District and Municipality. Municipality as well as District.
  • Grade II areas will include all areas that are not Grade I zones in the Municipality.
  • Grade III zones are the trading centers- within District.
  • Grade IV areas which are areas outside of the trading centers in the District.

The following link comprises of Grading of the Areas in the Division/Municipality/Town/City/District. Grading Link
. Any fees incurred on behalf of

  • (a)trading licences and hawkers’ licenses transfer and duplicates of these licenses be granted, if the licenses are granted by
    • (i)a district administrator, will be credited with the relevant district administration of the district;
    • (ii)the town clerk’s salary, be added to the revenue of the relevant town or municipal councils;
  • (b) Duplicates and licenses that are not the licenses specifically mentioned

under paragraph (a) in paragraph (a), if the licenses in paragraph (a) are issued in paragraph (a), if the licenses are granted by the Government under paragraph (a), shall be in under the Consolidated Fund.

External Links


It will not be legal for anyone that isn’t a resident of Uganda—

  1. to conduct business outside of any city, town or municipality;
  2. for trading in any center without a licence to trade or to trade within any region of any municipality, city or town that has not been declared a general business areas or
  3. to trade in specific products that aren’t endorsed by his or her License.

It is unlawful for anyone-

  • A person who is a citizen of Uganda to engage in trade directly or indirectly for any other person who isn’t a citizen of Uganda regardless of a licence given to the citizens of Uganda as well as in any other manner.
  • non-residents of Uganda to permit or solicit the person who is an official of Uganda to trade in a direct or indirect manner on on behalf of the person, regardless of whether it is under the terms of a licence granted to the Ugandan citizen Uganda or any other way in any sector or product in which the person is, as per this Act restricted from trading.



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