How to Obtain Certificate of Fact In Isle Of Man

Obtain Certificate of Fact In Isle Of Man By Online

  • Send an application for a certificate of Facts in the Companies Registry. You can mail your requisition forms emailing them to Certificates can be purchased via phone at (+44) 1624-689389.
  • The cost for the certificate at the time that you make your request. If you need the certificate to be issued or you are not paying for it at the time of collection, you can pay with an important credit or debit card. Be aware that American Express is not accepted.

In general request is completed and the certificate is given in the 48 (business) hours.You may also get your certificate within 3 hours of the receipt of your the request.

Office Locations and Contacts

Companies Registry
PO Box 345
St George’s Court
Upper Church Street
Isle of Man
IM99 2QS
Telephone:+44 1624 689389
Fax:+44 1624 689397

Hours of operation:

Telephone lines
Monday through Thursday 9am – 5pm
Thursday: 9.15am to 5pm

Counter for the public
Monday through Thursday 9am to 4.30pm
Friday 9.15am to 4.30pm

It is not open from 11am on the Wednesday of each month to allow for staff training.


  • Standard cost : 50 $ for each certificate
  • Priority Service: 100 for each certificate

A charge of 2% is added to all transactions made with a credit cards (1 per Certificate two per Certificate to get Priority service).

Processing Time

    • Processing time for requests: typically Within 72 (business) hours from receipt of the request.

Priority service within 3 hours following the date of receipt.


Isle of Man’s Companies Registry can supply a brief summary of the legal information of the companies that are that are registered with them.

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with details on how to get a Certificate of Fact from the Isle of Man’s Companies Registry.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A Certificate of Facing Certificate of Fact contains these the following details:

  • Company number of the company
  • company name
  • incorporation date
  • Registered Office
  • Current officers
  • The certificate will also include any of the following:
    • strike-off action pending
    • previous names
    • appointment of any liquidator/ appointment of any liquidator / receiver
    • Notice of no authority to operate a the registered office
  • On request, the certification could also include the following information:
    • Shareholders
    • Last year’s return date
    • Charges and mortgages that are that are filed against the company

External Links

The Official Isle of Man Government Website




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