How To Obtain Clearance for Tinted Glass Vehicles In Gambia

How To Obtain Clearance for Tinted Glass Vehicles In Gambia

  • To get clearance to use Tinted Glass Vehicles, the applicant should make contact with Ministry of Interior. Ministry of Interior.
  • The applicant must write an official letter addressed to the permanent secretary of the minister who is applying for clearance.
  • The letter should be presented to the Ministry together with a copy the car’s insurance policy.
  • Three authentic copies of the application will be provided at the requester’s expense.
  • These forms must be brought to the MOBILE TRACKIC UNIT, KANIFING together with the vehicle.The automobile will be scrutinized by police officers, after which the forms are filled out, signed and stamped.
  • The forms must be returned to the ministry to get the final stamp and signature to verify the forms and to keep a records.

Links provides a method to reach directly with the Ministry of Interior : Contact Information

Documents Required Clearance for Tinted Glass Vehicles

  • Letter addressed the Permanent Secretary

Car’s Insurance Document

The Document is required Clearance for Tinted Glass Vehicles

This document provides details on how to obtain approval to Tinted Glass Vehicles in Gambia.

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