How to Obtain Death Certificate In Israel

Obtain Death Certificate In Israel By Online

  • You can request copies of the death certificate at the Population Registry .
  • When you file your application to the Registry Office make sure that you’ve included the following information:
    • Year of death
    • Name of the deceased
  • Make payment on the certification.

If you’re outside Israel

Israel’s missions overseas Israeli missions abroad offer Israeli citizens as well as Israeli residents who reside abroad with certain requirements outlined in the requirements under the Population Registration Law.

You can use the hyperlink that is listed in the section “Office Locations & Contacts” to reach the closest Embassy in Israel within the nation in which where you are currently living in.

  • In order to obtain a copy the Death certificate, an application needs to be completed to receive documents at the Population Registry. Go to the “Documents to Utilize” area for the URL you can apply for the Application to get the Documentation at the Population Registry.
  • The service is completely free without charge, unless an the need for an apostille.

Questions should be directed to an agent of the Consular Department at the mission within four to six weeks in order to determine if the certificate is received.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Address:9 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd., Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem 9103001

Phone: 972-2-5303111
Documents that need to be certified: 972-2-5303358
Fax Number: 92-2-5303367

Consular Reception:
Sun-Thurs 08:30-12:30; Sun 14:00-16:00

Israeli Missions Abroad

Documents to Utilize

Application to Get documentation from Population Registry

Requirements Information

  • the year of death
  • Name of the deceased

Documentation is needed

This guideline will give you details on how to get the copy of your birth certificate for a deceased person in Israel.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A duplicate of the death certificate is usually required to present in the following situations:

  • Life insurance claims;
  • In claiming pensions
  • settling estates

External Links

Ministry of Foreign Affairs




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