How To Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature) In Armenia

How To Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature) In Armenia

To obtain (replace) ID card the person receiving it must be photographed by the Police Authority. To ensure that the identification of the individual on the database to verify specific information, when obtaining an identification card, the person must sign fingerprints with index fingers on left as well as right hand. When giving fingerprints of the index fingers on the right or left hand is physically impossible then the fingerprints of every finger on both hands are taken.

Identification card will issue (replaced) at the time of 15th following date of submission of the request or within shorter time at the option of the citizen, with a charge. The amount of the fee and the duration of the issuing (replacing) the identification card must be determined by Decree from the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Anyone who is deprived of nationality from Armenia or the Republic of Armenia shall hand the identification card issued in the Republic of Armenia to the Police of the Republic of Armenia and in other nations to the Diplomatic Mission or Consular Post. The person who has the option to do so the ID card is returned after having been punched.

The list of documents included in the application are not full or if the citizen is not registered with the State Register of Population, the application is accepted and the applicant will be required to complete the list within a 5 days (or) to be listed in the State Register of Population.

Documents Required Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature)

To obtain an identification card, the person must present:

  • Application;
  • Birth certificate or passport;
  • Other identification documents, as required in the The Decree of the President of Armenia. Republic of Armenia, provided that the presentation of the documents specified is impossible;
  • The certificate of registration for military service, also known as a Military service record card, or document that confirms the existence the military has registered (conscripts);
  • Medically appropriate medical document when prescribing, on identification card, the information on the blood group and rhesus are entered for only the very first time on the option of the citizen or representative in the cases specified in the Law;
  • State duty payment receipt.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Police Department from Armenia’s Republic of Armenia

Address: 130 Nalbandyan St., Yerevan, 0025.

Fax: +37410-54-73-14



Divisions and provincial departments that are part of Police of the Republic of Armenia

How To Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature) In Armenia
How To Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature) In Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The citizen will be issued an identification card on a voluntary basis as of the day they turn 16.
  • The citizen must file an application to issue an identification card with Police Authority. Police Authority.
  • The citizen who is eligible to apply for the application to issue an identity card at the time of application in person.
  • The person who is deemed incapable is issued an identification card based on the application submitted through the guardian. The person who is recognized as limited capable will be issued an identification card upon the basis of their his own application. Citizens who are recognized as limited capable will be issued an identification card in a shorter period of time.
  • The disabled in the first grade is qualified for the issue of an identification cards upon application submitted by representatives. In this situation an official disability certification or certified copy of the disability certificate should be attached to the application.


Identification cards will be issued for a period of validity of 10 years.

Documents to Utilize

Application for the issuance of an identification card

Format for PDF download

Download in the format DOC

Examples of Documents

It is the law of the republic of identification cards.

Processing Time

Identification cards will be given (replaced) at the time of 15th after the date of the application, or within shorter time at the discretion of the citizen, with a charge.


Starting June 1 2012, citizens of Armenia will be able to get ID cards to prove their identity and nationality on the boundaries of the republic.

It is a voluntary process and it’s the decision of the citizens whether they would like to change to new IDs and passports , or not.

The ID card is comprised of an electronic database created by law, unique digital signatures and ID certificates.

Requirements Information

The following personal information of citizens will be recorded on their the identification card for both Armenian as well as English languages:

  • Name, surname Surname, name, and patronymic, only for only the Armenian version;
  • Month, place, as well as the year in which it was born;
  • Sex;
  • Citizenship;
  • The right to choose the nationality of a citizen or their representative in the cases stipulated by this Law.
  • The place of residence (only the county must be mentioned).

The Document is required Obtain Identity Card (Electronic Digital Signature)

Identification Card document that confirms the identity of the person who is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter, citizen) and also the nationality of the Republic of Armenia, which is valid on the region that is part of Armenia. Republic of Armenia.

Electronic data storage is part of the structure technical of an identification cards, which include citizens’ personal data that is required under this Law as well as a cryptographic key for each individual to ensure data security, and the certificate that enables electronic digital signature.

Information that can be useful

The identification card is replaced at the time that one of the bases listed below is in place:

  • The citizen has altered the information about him/her included in the register of the state of the population. This data is, in accordance with this law, will be subject to prescription on an identification document (except to the location of your location where permanent residency (domicile);
  • The validity term is over;
  • The inaccuracy of the data is recorded on the identification card
  • The citizen has expressed this wish.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The identity card is comprised of an online database of personal cryptographic keys, digital signatures and certificates to prove identification.

In the electronic storage of data address of permanent place where one is residing (domicile) accessible on the State Register of Population can be noted, solely on the Armenian language. The identification card must also indicate the number of public services including citizens’ photo, citizens’ signature, and blood groups and the rhesus (at choice of the citizens or their representative in the instances provided in this law). Identification cards must contain codes of each police division that issued it along with when it was issued as well as the validity period of the identification card, as well as the identification number.

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Identification cards are the rightful property in the Republic of Armenia. Within the Republic of Armenia, lost and discovered identification cards will be handed off to Police of the Republic of Armenia and in a foreign nation, the Diplomatic Mission or the Consular Post of the Republic of Armenia.


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