How to Obtain Import Permit In Barbados

Obtain Import Permit In Barbados By Online

  • The import license can be obtained from: The Veterinary Services Department,
    Ministry of
    Agriculture and Rural Development,
    Graeme Hall,
    Christ Church
  • The phone and fax numbers. are: (246) 427-5492 (tel.) as well as (246) 429-2143 (fax).
  • Permits are also required for all plant and products made from plants.
  • All fruits and vegetables, plant cuttings, seeds or plant products that have not been processed need to be declared at customs before being brought to Plant Quarantine Officers. Fruits and vegetables imported from certain countries are banned to stop the spread of pests and plant diseases. Certain seeds, plants or cuttings might require a phytosanitary certification in addition to an import permit.
  • Requests for an import permit are due to:
    The Plant Quarantine Officer
    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,
    Graeme Hall,
    Christ Church,

The Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture
Christ Church
Telephone: 246-434-5000


Anyone who would like to import products (meat or even plants) from Barbados.


The fee for import permits for meat costs BDS$25.00. There is no cost for import permits for plants.

Documentation is needed

A permit for import is an official document issued by a government of a nation which permits the importation of specific products on its territory.

An import permit of any bird, animal or reptile animal semen, or different biologicals (e.g. vaccines) meat, and other meat products has to be sought out in advance through the Veterinary Services Department.

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