How to Obtain International Driving Permit (IDP) In United States

Obtain International Driving Permit (IDP) In United States By Yourself

  1. For an application to get the International Driving Permit, simply complete an application form.
  2. Send the completed application form and passport photographs at the AAA office.
  3. You must present your current U.S. driver’s license.
  4. Make payment of the application fee of $20.00 USD.

Application via MailAside of submitting an application to get an International Driving Permit by going to an AAA office in person, you can get an IDP via mail.

  1. Complete your request form.
  2. Fill out the application form, two passport-style photos , one of which is signed at the bottom, along with your fee (inquire at the local AAA office about the payment methods available) and an image of both sides of your driver’s licence to the AAA office nearest to you. You can also take advantage of the express return mail service by paying the price of the process (check, or for rates.)

for applicants abroad

  1. If you are currently in another country, you may send your filled-in form at the address below to this address and address:
    1000 AAA Drive
    Heathrow, FL 32746
    Attn Address: Mail Stop #28
  2. It can take up to six weeks to receive your IDP, unless you have added an additional postage to express mail service in your application.


  • The funds must be in U.S. dollars. The payment can be made via the form of a U.S. bank check or money order that is payable to AAA. You can also pay with major credit cards that have an expiration date such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card. The name of the applicant and their address should be noted upon the cheque. The IDP is not sent out until your payment is cleared.
  • If you pay with your credit card, be sure to include the number as well as expiration date and note that you are authorizing AAA for the charge of $20.00. If you require the IDP sent back to you by an expedited service such as UPS, FedEx authorization for any additional costs must be added.

National Automobile Club

  1. Download this International Driving Permit Application Form.
  2. Fill in and sign the form and sign it.
  3. The form should be sent along together with 2 (2) original passport-sized color photographs of yourself along with a clear, signed photocopy of the back and front of your U.S. driver’s license, and the amount you wish to pay. Mail the form to:
    National Automobile Club National Automobile Club
    Attn: IDP
    373 Vintage Park Drive Suite E
    Foster City, CA 94404
  4. You can also submit your application in person at the NAC office.

Note The inability to read or understand applications, or inadequate payment can cause significant processing delays.

Required Documents For Obtain International Driving Permit

American Automobile Association (AAA):

  • The completed application form must be submitted.
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Two original passport-style photographs (also readily available from AAA office)

National Automobile Club

  • The completed application form
  • Two (2) original color passport photographs
  • Clear photocopy signed by the signatory of the back and front of the U.S. driver’s license

Office Locations and Contacts

American Automobile Association (AAA)

National Automobile Club


International Driving Permits is restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older.

There is no requirement to be an affiliate or a member of AAA or NAC or U.S. citizen to apply for an IDP provided you possess an active U.S. driver’s license.

It is essential that your U.S. driver’s license must be valid for at least six months from the date of the issue on the IDP.


American Automobile Association (AAA)

International Driver Permits: $15.00 USD


  • The funds must be in U.S. dollars. The payment can be made via an U.S. bank check or money order that is payable to AAA. You can also make payments using major credit cards that have an expiration dates such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card. The name of the applicant and their address should be noted upon the cheque. The IDP is not sent out until your payment is cleared.
  • For those who pay with their credit card, you must include their number as well as expiration date and note that you are authorizing AAA for the charge of $15.00. If you want you IDP to be returned to you via an expedited service like UPS or Fed-Ex], the authorization for additional charges must be added.

National Automobile Club

Permit Fee: $15.00 USD + Shipping & Handling Fee
A detailed fee schedules are available in the form for application with the processing time.


  • The payment to be used for IDP (as as the applicable shipping and handling charges) must be made with the application completed and necessary documents. The payment can be made in the form of money order, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).
  • Refer to the application form and the instructions for further information on transportation and handing.


International Driving Permits aren’t valid in the nation of residency.

It is valid for one year from the date that it is issued as long as you have a valid state licence that remains valid for the duration of that. It is important to remember that the IDP is not designed to replace your current U.S. state licenses and should be used solely as an addition to driving licenses.

A new IDP must be submitted every year.

Notice: International Driving Permits may not be issued longer than six (6) months ahead of the date that is desired for their effective.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

National Automobile Club

Standard processing times 10- 15 days for business transactions (excluding the time required for shipping between and to the National Automobile Club located in Foster City, California).

Express Depends on the chosen ‘Priority’ or ‘Express/Courier shipping and handling option.


  • Processing times don’t consider the substantial delay that is caused by sending incomplete or incorrect documents.
  • International courier and domestic express shipping options are the only choices which include a signature upon delivery and tracking. Priority mail to international and domestic destinations is tracked only. International and domestic 1st class mail is not tracked (or Signature). NAC is not responsible for any items that are lost in mail.

Need to have the Document

A International Driving Permit (IDP) is a legal document that is recognized in several countries, allowing holders to drive a motor vehicle within the country. To be valid, the IDP must be issued with an authentic license from the country where it was issued. It is slightly bigger than a normal passport and is in essence a multi-language version of the owner’s standard driver’s license that includes a photographs and vital information. In many countries, however travelers who are short-term don’t require an IDP because the license issued by the country of residence is recognized and permits driving in the host country.

Two IDP issuers that are authorized to issue IDP in the US: IDP In the US:

Here are the steps that will help you make an application to get An International Driving Permit.

Information that could be helpful

The International Driver’s Permit contains your name, picture and information about your driver translated into ten different languages.

IDP IDP is not recognised in all countries. For instance it is not recognized in all countries, for example the Inter-American Driving Permit is required in Brazil, Uruguay and Trinidad & Tobago (and is accessible via AAA exclusively).

Click the link to download the the list of participating countries or view a complete list of these countries on AAA’s online application.

If you’re on a trip in another country and are you are approached by a police officer it is recommended that you show the U.S. driver’s license and IDP. If a citation has been issued for you, the citation will appear on your driving record for your driver’s license and not on the IDP. While all states’ Departments of Motor Vehicles access an online database of traffic citations in the United States, they do not have an international database. Any penalties for traffic violations incurred in a different country will be applicable to the country from where you were issued the ticket.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

It is possible that you will need to show your ID card when renting a car when you travel to another country.

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