How to Obtain Marriage Certificate In Isle Of Man

Obtain Marriage Certificate In Isle Of Man By Online

  • Click here to begin your application online. Click here..
  • Simply select the type of certificate you’re applying for and then provide the necessary information.

by Post

  • Click the link under “Documents to Use’ section to download the form.
  • Send your application at the address listed on the form.


  • You can also submit the request personally in the Civil Registry Office.
  • To speed up the process You can make use of the link in the “Documents to Use’ section to download the form. It is possible to complete the form at home, and bring it along when you arrive at the office.

If you’re outside the Isle of ManYou may follow the link in “Office Addresses & Contacts” to connect with the closest British Embassy, or High Commission in the country in which you are. They could be able assist you in submitting your request to get an official photocopy of your wedding certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Civil Registry
Deemsters Walk
Bucks Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 687039

British Embassy or High Commission – Offices


Wedding Certificate 10.00

search Fees
When the date and exact time of the marriage isn’t established, additional search costs can be paid in the following manner:

  • If a search is needed to be conducted by Registry staff, it must be done in relation to records dating from 1980 until date: 5.00
  • If a search is required to be conducted by Registry staff for records prior to 1980 for each 5 years or a portion thereof that must search: 25.00

PayPal Payment Methods

  • In person In person: Cash, cheque, credit card or debit card payments are accepted. Pay attention to the fact that a 2% fee is added to the amount when using a credit card.
  • Postal Applications: Cheque postal order bankers draft, GBP international money orders are accepted. Please make these types of payments payable to the Isle of Man Government.
Please do not pay cash, cheques in blank or addressed envelopes stamped with a stamp along in your application.
  • Online applications: Credit or debit card

A surcharge of 2% is added to the amount paid with a credit card. We don’t allow American Express or Diners Club.

Documents to Utilize

Marriage Certificate Application Form

Processing Time

You could receive your certificate within 5 business days of the date you’ve submitted your request. However, genealogical applications could require longer.


  • Certificates of marriage that have been certified as copies of marriages that have been registered on the Isle of Man can be obtained at the Civil Registry. The records of the Statutory Register are only applicable to marriages that have been registered since 1878.
  • It is possible to submit your request online or in person by posting it by filling in the appropriate application form.

The Document is required

This article provides information about how to get an original copy of the marriage certificate.

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