How to Obtain Pesticide Applicator Permit (Plant Protection Department) In Ivory Coast

Obtain Pesticide Applicator Permit (Plant Protection Department) In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • The applicant must gather all documents supporting the application (listed in the following) and then visit to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development department of Pesticides office.
  • Get the application form from the desk at the license counter and fill it out accurately.
  • Send the completed form with the necessary document (listed below) to be processed and verified.
  • Pay the license fee at the bank in-house on which you will be issued receipt.
  • If the pesticide committee is satisfied that all conditions for submitting the application are satisfied, you will be informed of the decision within 3 months , and then granted the license.

Required Documents For Obtain Pesticide Applicator Permit

  • Request for Reseller or Applicator’s approval should be addressed at the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Photocopies from the CROPLIFE CI or MINADER certificate of training. (Present the original diploma when you submit your file for review to Pesticides Committee Secretariat)
  • A commitment was signed to comply with the phytosanitary rules in effect for Cote d’Ivoire. (To Legalize)
  • The signed agreement binds the parties to respect the essential security and protection system. (To Legalize)
  • A photocopy of the register for commercial transactions
  • Taxpayer account number , synthetic tax number or town hall registration number
  • Medical monitoring commitment of employees (on the letterheads of the business of the doctor who is the signatory) that is signed by a physician
  • Add a copy of your photocopy issued by the National Order of Doctors for the current year, or the image of the certificate of Registration to the order of doctors that was signed by the president of the Order of Doctors
  • Liste of approved phytosanitary items available for purchase (Trade name, Product name, Function and distributor of the product)
  • Number and list of personal safety and protection apparatus (Gloves, Muffler, Wetsuit and Boots, Glasses and more.)
  • The identity card photocopy of the CEO of the company.
  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Legal agreement between the Tech Agent as well as the Director of the business
  • Applicant and/or the fees for examining the approval file of a reseller

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentPermanent Secretariat of the Pesticides Committee Plant Protection, Control and Quality Department (DPVCQ)
Abidjan Plateau Plateau
CAISTAB building, 14th floor (Porte CenterServeur)
01 BP 12243 Abidjan 01 , Cote d’Ivoire
Tel: (+225) 20 21 43 03
Website: website

Email: /

For more details, please contact
Permanent Secretariat to the Pesticides Committee
Address Address: CAISTAB Building situated in Plateau 14th Floor
BPV 82.2 Abidjan
Telephone: (+225) 20214457/20242323


  • Companies and individuals


  • Fees for licences and permits of 50,000 FCFA


The license is valid for 5 years.

Processing Time

If all the conditions have been fulfilled If all the requirements have been met, the process for obtaining a license must be completed within three months after the submission in the form of an application.

The Information You Need


  1. Background information
    • Full legal name of the applicant/company/business
    • Contact details (Mailing/email Address, telephone/fax number)
    • Contact person details
    • Address (physical physical location) of the premise which is required to obtain a license.
    • Employees number
    • Name, address and and qualifications of those who will be under the personal control of the premises which will require a license.
    • Check the of class (es) that you will use for the pesticide (s) you intend to deal with in this licence? e.g. herbicides
    • Provide safety measures to be taken to safeguard people and the public
    (i) Personal protection equipment
    (ii) Pesticides Storage Conditions
    (iii) Method of Disposal for empty containers and unused pesticides and Rinsate
    (iv) Emergency Response Planor measures to reduce the impact such as spills, accidents or contamination. both on and off site.
    (v) Determine the likely negative environmental impacts associated with aerial sprays and ways to reduce their negative environmental impacts.
  2. The applicant’s declaration

Documentation is needed

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requires anyone who is responsible for the use of pesticides that are restricted for the purpose of regulating pesticide use in Ivory Coast, to obtain permission at the Permanent Secretariat of the Pesticides Committee (PSPC) or Plant Protection, Control and Quality Department (DPVCQ) first.

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