How To Obtain Proof of Residence In Belgium

How To Obtain Proof of Residence In Belgium

  • For a document proving your residency, you must submit your application at the counter at the Counter of Population Service.
  • You can also make an online request: e-Brussels population and registry

Request information about citizens on the register of population.

Certificate applications are only possible via Irisb

How To  Obtain Proof of Residence In Belgium
How To Obtain Proof of Residence In Belgium


Office Locations and Contacts

Population Service


Administration centre

Boulevard Anspach 6

2nd floor

1,000 Brussels Map

Tel. : 02 279 35 60


Hours of operation Mondays between 8:30 am and 3 pm and Tuesday from 8:30 am until 12pm Wednesday from 8:30 am until 3 pm Thursday, 8:30 am until 6 pm on Friday, and from 8:30 am until 12 pm. The distribution of tickets begins starting at 8:15 am.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8 am until 4 pm

What Are The Eligibility

To be able to obtain evidence of residency in Brussels applicants must be or have been a resident of the city.


  • Residence proof: 3.75 euro
  • There is no cost for free legal aid or a justice for the peace in the context of a request made by the Prince Laurent Foundation, a public real estate office, or the foundation for disasters.


    The procedure can be carried out:

    • by the applicant
    • by a third party in possession of a request submitted by a lawyer or a judge of peace or or a legal service.
    • by a third party who has a proxy and identification card (or an exact copy) of the person applying (and the applicant’s own ID card)

      Need to have the Document

      The proof of residence is intended to be shown or proved the address as part of an investigation into legal proceedings, by a lawyer an official notary or magistrate. Proof of residency must include the address of the residence or the other addresses at which the person lived.

      External Links

      • The proof of residence:


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