How To Obtain Social Security Card In Cape Verde

How To Obtain Social Security Card In Cape Verde

  • If you’re one of the Cape Verde national or a foreigner living within Cape Verde, whether employed or self-employed, so long as you’re in the social security system, you are eligible for the social security card.
  • Collect all documents required and send documents to office that you want to submit them to..

Documents that are required Obtain Social Security Card

  • One passport size photo
  • Birth certificate for children, grandchildren and/or or equivalent
  • A copy of the national identity card or passport
  • Form for registration to the social security department that is completed and signed by both the Employer and employee using the stamp of the institution

Office Locations and Contacts

Cape Verde Government Website Offices where you can submit your application

What Are All The Eligibility

The entire population of Cape Verde nationals or foreigners living on Cape Verde, whether employed or self-employed.


The application process is completely cost-free.

Need to have the Document

Social security cards are an identification document that shows the holder as a person who is registered with the Social Security system. It is able to pay monthly installments. For third parties the card is identified by beneficiaries.

External Links

  • Cape Verde Government Web Portal:,188596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_dominio=25&p_menu=28&p_item=275&p_ent_det=1559#



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