How to Obtain Statement for Construction of Building In Morocco

Obtain Statement for Construction of Building In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit the Office of General Directorate for Taxes(Reception along with the office of coordination located at the district or regional directorate in the area of construction).
  2. Bring all the necessary documents.
  3. Show the documents.

Required Documents For Obtain Statement for Construction of Building

  • Notice of change in property and/or structure (form ADP060B)
  • A contract of sales exchange, donation, or share
  • Evidence of a building

Office Locations and Contacts

General Directorate of Taxes

Tel: 0537 – 27-90-60/61/62Fax: 0537-77-55-76

The Minister for Economy and Finance

Tel: + (212) 5
Fax: + (212) 5

Other contact numbers for the directorate of taxes


Any person concerned.


There is no cost


  • The owner or company must sign up through a building, to the change of property statement no after January 31st in the year following the change.

Documentation is needed

Here are the steps for getting a construction permit of a structure in Morocco.

External Links

Declaration of property change or the construction of a building (housing tax , community service tax):



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