How to Obtain Statement of Transfer of Tax In Morocco

Obtain Statement of Transfer of Tax In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit for the Office of General Directorate of Taxes.
  2. Bring all the necessary documents.
  3. Then, present the documents.

Required Documents For Obtain Statement of Transfer of Tax

  • Applications (form ADC140F)

Office Locations and Contacts

General Directorate of Taxes

Tel: 0537 – 27-90-60/61/62Fax: 0537-77-55-76

Finance Minister Economy and Finance

Tel: + (212) 5
Fax: + (212) 5

Other contact numbers for the directorate of taxes


The person who is concerned. (Business owners)


There is no cost.


  • Businesses that are changing their tax domicile or the location of principal business must be subscribed to the above-mentioned statement within 30 days of the date of the transfer or change.

Documentation is needed

The following are the steps to follow on how to get an acknowledgement that a transfer tax has been made in Morocco.

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Transfer to tax residence or principal location of business:



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