How to Obtain Tax Clearance Certificate In Malawi

Obtain Tax Clearance Certificate In Malawi By Online

  1. If you are in need of a TCC application, you need to submit it in writing , either in person or through a agent or representative in writing to the commissioner general, stating the reasons you require the certificate.
  2. A TCC is given by the Commissioner General when conditions that are prescribed by the Commissioner General met.

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A TCC will be given by the Commissioner General when conditions that may be prescribed by the Commissioner General have been met:

  • Candidates will be required to present proof to prove they’re registered tax payers, with the exception of cases where the applicant isn’t taxed or exempt from paying income tax. Tax law requires owners of businesses to sign up to pay taxes regardless how large their business or its location.
    Tax registration is completely free and can be completed at any local MRA office. MRA issues an Taxpayer identification Number (TPIN) upon registration. This number should be used for all communications with Authority.
  • Other requirements are that the return of tax payer who are due to be filed by the commissioner general, and the applicant is not owed tax due.
    If a taxpayer’s tax affairs are not in order it is not worth making an application for an TCC application. Such applications, which in any case be rejected, only cause an unnecessary burden and delay for everyone involved.


The TCC can be issued for all taxes , or for tax or taxes that are specified by the company. It is the Taxation Act, Section 85A (1) provides that regardless of anything contrary or contained in any other law, the completion of any transaction listed within the Fifteenth Schedule shall be subject to the issuance of a TCC that is given by the Commissioner General.

Transactions that may require filing of the TCC include: transfer of buildings and land renewal of certificate of conformity for vehicles used in commercial operations renewal of the Business Residence Permits, changes in the ownership of a business and renewal of temporary employment permits, renewal of telecommunications licenses among other things.

Anyone who completes or is the cause of the conclusion of an transaction without having the aid of a TCC will be subject to an amount of K50 000 plus any other penalty that might be prescribed by the Taxation Act. Taxpayers who have TCCs can gain from business contracts via tenders by private and government firms that require only qualified bidders that are tax-compliant.

Need to have the Document

The Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) is a certificate given by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) which states that the person’s taxes are up to date as of the time of issuance of this certificate. It declares that a person or a company does not owe tax.

This guideline provides details on how to get an Income Clearance Certificate for Tax Clearance Certificate in Malawi.

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