How to Obtain Television (TV) Licence In Isle Of Man

Obtain Television (TV) Licence In Isle Of Man By Online

  • In order to apply for a complimentary TV license, you’ll have to fill out an request form TV1.
  • You can get the form by contact an Income Support Pensioners Unit at Markwell House. Phone: 011624-685084. You can also ask for one at one of the Departments district offices located in Port Erin or Ramsey.
  • Complete the form and send it along with the renewal form or license itself, to the Income Support Pensioners Unit (address given below).

people aged 75 or over:If you’re receiving a payment of retirement pensions through the Social Security Division you will receive an informational sheet that explains how to apply for a free TV license.
Free licenses for those aged 75 or more are given regardless of any benefit you’re receiving.

Required Documents For Obtain Television (TV) Licence

  • Completely fill out the TV1 application form
  • TV licence renewal notices or the license itself

Office Locations and Contacts

Support Group for Income Support Group

Social Security Division
Markwell House
Market Street

(+44) 1624 685094 (under pension age)
+44 1624 +44 1624 (over retirement age)

Special arrangements are made to help you reside in sheltered housing, or in a nursing home.
Call: +44 1624 685084 for more information. more.


To be considered for a “you” or your partner have to:

  • You will be required to pay an amount for a TV license
  • are at the state pension age (but not over 75) or
  • receive or be considered to be receiving Income Support or Income-based Jobseekers’ Allowance or

were in receipt of any of these benefits in the past , or have been the widow or widower of someone who was in receipt of any of these benefits in the past . have a capital value of less than the amount of 20,000 (this limit applies to couples and singles)


  • It is possible to submit an application for a no-cost TV Licence anytime during the 3-month period beginning one month prior to the date that the TV licence will be due and running for two months after the date.
  • Example: If your licence is due to renew 1 October then you are able to claim it anytime during the period of 3 months between 1 September and the 30th November.

The Document is required

  • Free TV Licenses are granted to those over the age of pensionable (but less than 75) who are receiving or receiving either Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance as part of the Free TV Licence Scheme.
  • This guideline provides details on how to apply for an Television (TV) Licence.

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